Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Arizona Loves Former Michigan Coaches

For all the places you can coach college football, Arizona has to be pretty nice option.   You have that dry heat in the desert and U of A is a basketball school.  If you compete each year, your probably going to be employed for a long time.  Arizona decided to go on the wild Rich Rod ride and got burned by the loose cannon that is RR.  

Arizona has now gotten another former Michigan coach with the hiring of Jedd Fisch.   This was a great decision, Jedd has interim head coaching experience at UCLA and a ton of pro experience in Jacksonville and with the Rams.   He of course led Jimmy's offense the first year he was in A2.    Hiring Jedd was long overdue.  

Jedd now reportedly has his sights on other ex-Michigan coach, this time its defensive coordinator Don Brown.   This also makes some sense.  Defense in the PAC 12 is optional and Don could bring some real pressure to the desert.  It's not a terrible decision but as you know, the book is out on how to beat his defense.  

Jedd is also expected to hire former Wolverine analyst Jimmie Dougherty who is currently the Passing Coordinator at UCLA.  I would expect Jimmie to be the new OC.   I can't argue with any of these decisions, but if I was the leadership team at Arizona, I would be a bit leery of hiring former Wolverine coaches.   At least Jedd and Jimmie left on their own accord. 

On a side note, it would be interesting to see how the hiring of Don Brown would impact the $1.7M that U of M owes him.  

  • The biggest news of the day was that Aidan Hutchinson decided to stay another year and play DE for the Wolverines.   This is great news as Michigan will have a ton of holes to fill on defense next year.    Having an All Big Ten quality DE is very important to next years success.   Aidan broke his ankle against IU and should be ready for Spring Ball.  If McGregor is fully healed from his ACL during his senior year of HS, that could make 2 very good DE's.  

  • MSU got blown out by Minnesota last night and Michigan's next opponent Maryland beat #6 Wisconsin.  

  • 5 years ago Jimmy "processed" a low rated DE named Rashad Weaver.  He went to Pitt and was just named an All American.   Before you go bashing that decision, this was Gary's class and he probably had to trade his spot for him.   Speaking of Gary, he is having a very good year for the Packers and it seems the light has gone on for him.  

  • Seems that spring football league is getting another Big Ten QB to join JT and Shea.  As Dwayne Haskins was released by Washington.  Maybe the XFL when the Rock re-opens that league?  I know Justin Fields is a good NFL prospect, but prior (no pun intended) to that, OSU has had a long line of failed QB's in the league.


dennis said...

Let's have a serious discussion about next DC. Chris Partridge should be top of the list. Why? Top recruiter, top assist coach, SEC Co DC at Ole Miss, Gets alng with Harbaugh and knows AA. He trumps others on Top 5 list.

szanreno said...

We should have thought about this before the Don Brown lynch mob acted. Now we're digging in our asses once again. Pretty funny actually.

EzmoB said...

Bob I’m hearing coach H signed the extension. Any truth you this?

szanreno said...

Seeing the same thing online. Right after Brown left everybody had to know he was staying. Why would he get rid of a coach knowing he was leaving?

Unknown said...

If coach H wants to be successful at Michigan he needs to bring in great coordinators. He had to sign the extension in order to sign coordinators. I still think we should get rid of gattis and go back to power football with a mix of RPO.

Unknown said...

Moorehead will mix power running with the RPO you speak of. Give me Leavitt over Partridge ANY DAY. Partridge is a great recruiter but DJ Durbin is the Xs and Os guy at Ole Miss. Kiffin didn't hire Partridge to coach he hired him to recruit!

Goblu said...

Nordin just declared for the nfl... seriously??