Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: S&C Guy on The Move?

Jimmy got concerned a couple years ago that the team wasn't in good enough shape and strong enough to win games late in the season.  He fired his original S&C staff and hired Ben Herbert who had led the Arkansas and Wisconsin Strength and Conditioning programs.  Ben seemingly has been doing a good job for the Wolverines as Jimmy's concerns don't seem to be with the fit and shape of his players.  

Now Brett Bielema is the new head coach at Illinois and he is coming for his old friend and S&C Director Ben Herbert.   It will be interesting to see what happens here.  Will Jimmy try to get him to stay or is it time for a new voice in that area? Could be one of many areas that need a new voice.  

  • Steve Lorenz says Michigan is looking at DT transfer Tim Horne from Charlotte. 

  • The Belleville/MSU pair Dobbs and Barnett are now transferring to Memphis together. 

  • Brandon Graham has made the Pro Bowl 

  • LSU let Bo Pelini go, could be a lot of big name DC's on the open market soon.  

  • Army has replaced Tennessee in the Liberty Bowl.  WVU must love that change, nothing worse then getting ready for a triple option team that is 9-2 this year.   At least they have a week and half to prepare. 

  • Dabo ranks Ohio State 11 because they only played 6 games. 


Goose said...

Per Michigan man's request don brown has been fired.

EzmoB said...

Don brown is out!

szanreno said...

Brown leaving means Harbaugh is staying.

Goose said...

I expect we will have an announcement regarding Harbaugh within the next 48 hours.

High Sierra Howard said...

We don't have Don Brown to kick around anymore.

MichiganMan said...

Don Brown fired!!!!

See you later alligator ….time to play serious football. And lets go out and beat the beast from down south.

Goose said...

Maybe Lincoln riley will come to AA to be our defensive coordinator.

Goblu said...

Goose, you kill me! Haha. I love that you remember Bucknut Girl’s Suggestion about riley

But are least Bucknut man is now focused on beating Tennessee, which is the “team from down south” for him.

Voice of Reason said...

I liked Don Brown and the defensive premise he used. He apparently couldn't update his defense when opposing offenses adjusted to what he was doing. Now every school has the book on how to beat his defense. He's close to retirement age so maybe he will take a well deserved vacation (or coach at a smaller school). However, rest assured that if he wants to coach again someone will take a chance on him. I wish him well. IMHO!!!