Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: A Signing Day Primer

This has been a challenging year for the class of 2021.  Official visits haven't been possible, evaluation camps have been canceled, and coaches home visits haven't happened.   Recruiting this year has been all about phone and zoom calls.   If you wanted to visit schools, you had to do it on your own dime and sometimes without students on campus.   This is pretty much the complete opposite of the regular recruiting process.  

Wednesday has really become National Signing Day, even though its the Early Signing Period.   After Wednesday, many programs will be full and have only a few options for February.   Tomorrow will be an interesting day with how this season played out and Harbaugh's current contract situation. 

Here is a list of the commitments and what to expect on Wednesday (ratings 24/7):

  • JJ McCarthy, 5 star QB - Has Mazie and Blue Blood and will sign on Wednesday.
  • Xavier Worthy, 4 Star WR - Is expected to flip to Alabama on Wednesday.  This season and Alabama's recruiting process flips this talented WR. 
  • Givanni El-Hadi, 4 star OT - Strong instate commit and will sign on Wednesday 
  • Junior Colson, 4 Star LB expecting to enroll early and seems solid.  Expectation is signing Wednesday. 
  • Branden Jennings, 4 star LB from Jacksonville, is on the fence and could pick Michigan or Maryland on Wednesday.   Maryland is on some very talented LB's that could effect his decision.  
  • Raheem Anderson, 4 star Center from Cass Tech, expected to sign on Wednesday. 
  • Quintin Somerville, 4 star DE from AZ, been quiet but expected to sign this week
  • Cristian Dixon, 4 star WR confirmed he is signing with Michigan 
  • Jaydon Hood, 4 star LB from Ft. Lauderdale, is not expected to sign on Wednesday and Miami is hard after him to stay home.  
  • Lou Hanson, 4 star TE from Mass, is expected to sign tomorrow. 
  • Kechaun Bennet, 4 star DE, not much news here, expected to sign but watch out for BC.  

  • Tavierre Dunlap 3 star RB, Did an virtual meeting with Harbaugh on Friday, expected to sign and enroll early
  • Tristan Bounds, 3 star OT, strong commit and will sign on Wednesday 
  • Tyler McLaurin, 3 star LB, recruitment quiet but should sign on Wednesday
  • Rod Moore, 3 Star Ohio Safety, re-confirmed his commitment and will sign tomorrow
  • Andrel Anthony, 3 star WR from EL, has re-confirmed and will enroll early 
  • Ja'Den McBurrows, 3 star CB and teammate of Jaydon Hood, his commitment to Michigan is stronger then Hood's.  Expected to sign. 
  • TJ Guy, 3 star DE, seems strong but also a quiet recruitment, also a former BC de-commit, I expect him to sign. 
  • Tommy Doman, 3 star Punter that is solid in his commitment 
  • Dominick Guidice, 3 star DE from NJ that is expected to sign

Non-committed guys who could sign?
  • Donovan Edwards 4 star RB that Michigan has been chasing for over a year.  Played his ball at West Bloomfield and has 100% crystal balls to Michigan. I'm not 100% confident but he is announcing on Wednesday and will enroll early.  Threats here are ND and Georgia.  
  • Ceyair Wright 4 star CB from LA - he is going to USC
  • Drew Kendall 4 star OG one time lock to Ann Arbor is expected to sign with BC
  • George Rooks, 4 star DT another one time lock, seems to be leaning towards BC
  • Omarion Cooper 4 star CB currently a commit to FSU that the Michigan coaches have been trying to flip, expected to stick with FSU.
That is a pretty good situation and if the above plays out, it will be a great class with the all the unknowns.  Having a 5 star QB and maybe a 4/5 star RB is always a nice way to top off a class.  Edwards recruitment has been quiet and this will be very interesting to see what happens on Wednesday.  He would be a huge pick up for the Wolverines.   

The loss of Worthy is a tough one, as I believe they need this type of athlete to take the next step on offense.  Michigan also had some big instate misses with 3-4 highly ranked guys.  I love the suggestion of hiring Cass Tech and former Wolverine Thomas Wilcher to recruit instate.   Seems to be a win - win. 

Michigan would have liked to have at least another CB in this class and one more offensive lineman.  DT recruiting is now very concerning and Michigan will have to search the Transfer Portal for options. 

Things to watch on Wednesday.

1. Donovan Edwards commitment 
2. Zavier Worthy flip or re-commit 
3. Branden Jennings and Maryland 
4. The 2 FL guys from St. Thomas (Hood and McBurrows)
5. Usually a few surprises (hopefully good ones)

As always, I will be up early and updating all the LOI's that come into Schembechler Hall.  It's the busiest day of the year here at the Big House Blog, so get in early and hit the refresh button a lot!  :-)

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Unknown said...

It is simply crazy to me that we can not find a single DT recruit. Only 1 CB?? Did the coaches not see how our DB's are doing right now? This again goes to show you, how sad our coaches are. Coach H should have been on the defensive coaches about getting those positions filled. We have no speed or much talent on the defense side. This is why the elite team destroy our defense. What is our recruitment coordinator doing? Is he not looking to fill those positions? CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! 2021 season will be no better than 2020.