Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: To Extend or Not To Extend - That is the Question

Warde Manuel is a Harbaugh Guy, I don't know if he was hand picked by Jimmy but I'm sure he had a say.   When your boss makes a small percentage of what you make, who's really in charge anyways?

John U. Bacon and other insiders are pretty much singing the same tune, when it comes to Jimmy and his future at Michigan.   Jimmy has at least a 3 year contract extension on his desk ready for signature.  His contract will be at a lower salary, with a lower buyout, bonus for teams performance, with a few extra dollars for his staff.   There is always interest from NFL teams but we are a month away from any openings.  Hearing Chicago or San Diego would be interesting to Jimmy if those jobs became available. 

As we all pay attention to recruiting, we know Jimmy is still working hard on keeping this class together during this terrible season.  So it looks like he will sign an extension sometime this week, maybe today or Wednesday.   This contract seems to give both Michigan and Jimmy flexibility.   If Michigan wants to fire him they can, if Jimmy wants to jump to the NFL, he can.   If Michigan were to fire Jimmy and staff right now it will cost them over $10M in a year that is running at a -$80M loss. 

As we know the lifeline of any program is recruiting.   Saban is a great coach, who loses his entire staff almost every year.  He continues to recruit at an elite level.   Talent and depth makes even an average coach look good.   Ryan Day is a good coach, but he looks great because Urban left him a ton of talent and he continues to add to it.   Being an elite recruiter hides a ton of coaching blemishes.   Michigan has high academic standards and won't go to the "bag" and that will always hurt them in today's recruiting cycles.   The "bag" will hurt them next week on signing day.  OSU figured out the game some 20 years ago, Michigan still believes they are above that and we have seen the results on the field.  

I would double Larry Johnson's salary, make him the DC and let him re-build this defense.   OSU takes coaches from Michigan, we should return the favor.  

  • Hunter Dickinson was named the Big 10 Freshman of the Week. 

  • Michigan Basketball has added Toledo to the schedule to replace NC State.  That also means the NC State game won't be re-scheduled.  

  • Michigan Football did have a light non-padded workout on Monday.   I expect we will hear that the game is cancelled today or Wednesday.   I have no idea how an already limited Michigan team can tape together a squad to play OSU this weekend.   The Big Ten will then see if they can find an opponent for OSU to play this weekend.  

  • If your wondering OSU is -30 on Saturday if the Wolverines limp into the stadium. 


Rudy said...

It's obvious that this Univ President doesn't share the awe of UM football history. He's a liberal hack that is more determined to make UM a liberal icon like the Ivy leaguers than to fill the university athletic coffers with sports revenue. Ward's contract is up in March, maybe this Pres shows him the door knowing that Ward provides the reach around to JH. I think JH isn't the answer but I'm not totally against another year. This team comes back with loads of talent and plays the Suckeyes at home in what may be their "rebuild". He will likely try new assistants. If the results are the same, he will have proven the algorithm multiple times that he's the common denominator and the weakest link....time to go.

Goose said...

"The game" has been canceled per espn. Season over.....thank GOD!

Tim said...

I am thankful "The Game" won't happen this year. This year has been awful.

If Harbaugh does sign an extension - as many are predicting - I sure hope he fires a number of coaches, starting with the DC and OC. If Brown or Gattis are back for 2021 I don't see this team making much of an improvement.