Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Warde Can't Find The Time

I'm not sure about Warde Manuel as Michigan's AD, he completely screwed up the ND home and home.   He did make the right (obvious) decisions for the hockey and basketball hires after getting his buddy a raise after some fake or real interest.   I'm a firm believer the Michigan AD should lead in the background, my issues is with his decision making.  Yesterday, was an example of both a good decision and a bad one.  

Michigan cancelled the OSU game after more positive cases in the football program.   Some reports have Michigan down some 40+ players due to positives or contact tracing.   There was zero chance this game would be played after Michigan cancelled the Maryland game.  

Then he goes on to talk about the contract situation with Harbaugh and that they will talk after the season.  This is not a year end review for the Michigan Swimming trainer, this is one of the highest profile jobs in college football.  Warde, if you think you can just handle this after the season you're a fool.   Signing day is a week away and these decisions by 17 and 18 year-olds will make or break this program in the next 2 years.  

Maybe this was just press conference media speak to keep them off the trail of a new contract for Harbaugh.   Or maybe he plans on firing the guy?  Either way, if a decision is not made soon, Warde will continue to hurt the program one way or another.    For all intent and purposes the season is over anyway.  If Michigan really has 40+ players out, they won't play during the championship week thing anyway.   

I'm not sure if Uncle Phil is the right person to lead this department or make any decision regarding Harbaugh's future in Ann Arbor.  Sure would be great if they could find the time to talk about it while the team is barley working out or shutdown.  If he is playing some deep strategy here, I will apologize but I highly doubt it.  

  • Michigan Basketball plays tonight at 6:00 against Toledo which is a replacement game for NC State.  Game is on FS1.

  •  I expect the Big Ten will loosen their rule or find Ohio State another game this weekend.  They should play Cincinnati (who is also available) but that will never happen. 


szanreno said...

If they're going to wait till after the season is over or next year that tells me that the extension is in place and the deal is all but signed and announced.

Rudy said...

agree, I think it's done. I think they are calling recruits and telling them the deal is done and not to listen to the noise. Why do I think that? Because this is Michigan and I can't wrap my noggin around the fact that we would have these two men running the show and they couldn't run a Toys R Us. Ward's contract is up in March. John Beilein isn't doing anything.

Thom said...

If they wait till after the signing date to make a decision on JH staying or leaving, Michigan Football will look like SMU after the death penalty. He either stays or leaves now. Make up your mind.