Thursday, December 17, 2020

Michigan's NSD In Review

I've been very critical of the way Warde has handled the Harbaugh situation.   I think it shows an extreme lack of leadership not addressing the situation until after the season.   With Michigan canceling the last 3 games the end of the season is here, not to mention the past 6 years of not having a plan.  

The other potential blow back to Warde's strategy was the impact it could have on a top 10 recruiting class already assembled.   Having uncertainty in your program is a great way not to attract talent but make them run away.  That theory was proven false yesterday as the Wolverine staff and coaches did a tremendous job keeping the train on tracks and getting these talented young men to commit to Michigan. 

Michigan lost 2 recruits to other schools on Wednesday and picked up 1 net new instate recruit, RB Donovan Edwards.  Let address the 2 loses first:

Braden Jennings LB from Jacksonville has been flirting with Maryland for a few weeks.   He is a talented LB who had been committed to FSU prior to Michigan.   He is highly ranked but not a huge loss for the Wolverines who has 3 other LB's in this class.   

Quinton Somerville DE, might be a bigger loss.   He was very highly rated early on in the 2021 class and then started to take a nose dive down the rankings as he wasn't developing as well as some recruiting services thoughts he should.  The reason he is a loss is because he projected to DT at Michigan and Michigan has ZERO DT commits.  His family is also close to Coach Nua and a sign Michigan is going to clean house on that side of the ball.   

The win was Michigan's top player on the board, Donovan Edwards.   This has been a roller coaster recruitment and there was times I thought he wasn't coming to Ann Arbor at all.   The coaches stayed after him and got his signature on Wednesday.  Huge win for Michigan and Jay Harbaugh in a year they struggled instate.  

Yes, you want to keep all your commits and add Edwards, but to me that was a net gain on Wednesday.  As Michigan kept Worthy a game changer, secured both Miami players, and added Edwards.   The day ended perfectly.  

Now to the rankings:

24/7: #12 

Rivals: #11

ESPN: #14

I can't cement how important this class is to Michigan's future.  If you whiff on a class, that can set you back 2-4 years.  Jimmy and Recruiting Coordinator Matt Dudek also said after all the players were signed that Michigan is not done and will look to fill holes in the class in February's signing date.   Michigan needs 2 DT's, 2 CB's, and 1 offensive lineman.   Don't forget the OT that is transferring from LA Tech.   Speaking of that, Jimmy said on the podcast last night that Michigan will also search the Transfer Portal for options.  


  • 5 Star QB 
  • 4.5 Star RB 
  • Game changers at WR
  • 4 offensive linemen 
  • Maybe best punter/kicker in the nation
  • 3 LB's 
  • 3 DE's 
  • 1 S and 1 CB 
24/7 Rankings of Michigan Rivals:

OSU #2
ND #9
Wisconsin #16
Maryland #19
PSU #21
Iowa #22
Nebraska #24
Minn #27
MSU #33

OSU has five 5 star players (only Alabama has more at 6), Wisconsin and Maryland had a nice recruiting year.   Penn State was surprisingly low and usually around the top 10.  

Wednesday was a great day for the program.  We should not under sell that.  In fact, it might be one of the best days of Harbaugh's career at Michigan as the head coach. 


Goose said...

Really happy yesterday went well. Credit where it's due. Now we must focus on rentenion. The transfer portal is a double edged sword. Glad Michigan is looking for DT & CB's and other needed additions. But we must keep the guys we have & develop them better than has been happening. Keeping guys seems to be a bit of a struggle for Michigan. Maybe coaching contracts & or changes will help. I dont know I still struggle to understand why the processes at Michigan seem significantly more drawn out than at other places. But maybe the ship can be righted. I want to believe that.

Bob said...

Your right Goose the Transfer Portal is a double edge sword with no penalty on eligibility. Will Hart jumped in yesterday and I'm sure we will see more. The last report I got, there was over 300 players (across all programs) in the transfer portal right now.

szanreno said...

As I've said before just because Warde is not doing what you want doesn't mean he's not doing his job. I'm not a fan of the man one way or the other. He's been around the football program for a long time and knows the ins and outs a whole lot better than we do. Proof in the pudding is the players that we landed with the so-called Harbaugh uncertainty in the air. I really don't feel Jim harbaugh is going anywhere unless HE wants to. Can't say that about his assistants. Never really followed recruiting much until the last few years however this is the way I see it. Recruiting is like coaches going to a whorehouse. But instead of them choosing the whore the whore chooses them.

EzmoB said...

The president of Michigan university IDs more interested in academic than winning championships, that is clear. Michigan football program generates so much money for the university, he is happy with the status quo with coach H. Kids are graduating at a high rate. Michigan games are constantly on prime time. If coach H is able to deliver that every year, what’s the problem according to the president? I’m sure the president has no problem with us winning 9-10 games a year, stadiums are packed and football program is generating millions.

szanreno said...

C'mon. If you ask any president at any university what the most important aspect or his most important priority of his university is and he says football, I'd be shocked.

Goose said...

I like when whores choose me..just saying.

szanreno said...

That is a good feeling.

Goose said...

Harbaugh should consider taking a lesson from nick saban. Try to hire will muschamp as a defensive analyst and gus malzon as an offensive analyst. If you can get'em their cheap & they bring a ton of knowledge and coaching experience and it allows them to stay around the game and relevant should they want another coaching opportunity in the future. Nick's been doing it for years. Sarkisian, butch jones, lane Kiffin. I know there are more but that's just from the top of my head. Couldn't hurt your recruiting footprint in the south either.

MichiganMan said...

Guys, I am back from trip from Dubai....are in the Don Brown's defense ranked number 1 the country...someone please fill me in thanks.....

Goose said...

Awe hell, I thought 2020 couldn't get worse.

Goblu said...

Hahahaha, Goose. I was reading all the comments and thinking how nice this Blog has become without Bucknut “I rented a video about Dubai” Man. Oh well. We had a nice time without him, but can’t have everything. (Apparently he doesn’t realize you can look at this blog in Dubai).

szanreno said...

How is it you can travel to Dubai but not be able to access the internet? Don't give me any shit about access, it as free there as it is here.

Goblu said...

He also rowed to Dubai... what are these airplanes you speak of?

Goose said...

Is there a Dubai in ohio?

szanreno said...

Bucknutsboy row your boat to Dubai hallelujah!?! Hahaha...

Unknown said...

I say stick with Harbaugh, dump Brown and Gattis, and get back to MAN-BALL with a defense that compliments such an offensive strategy. Michigan football was best in my lifetime from 1985-1999. We should return to that. Gap blocking (zone blocking is for grass ferries), FB, TE, and great WRs/RBs. Throw DOWN FIELD when passing. and RUN like you mean it.

Defense: don't give up the big play, let the offense make the mistake, burn up clock on offense and limit their offense's big strike capability. Blitz RARELY and surprisingly. The best defense against the spread is the old fashioned Gary Moeller prevent defense.

Am I a dinosaur? Damn right I worked then and it will work now.

Harbaugh got away from his basic instincts. He NEVER should have.

Goose said...

Hard to accomplish what your asking with no N.T. a porous O.L. and a weak D.L.

Even saban now acknowledges that defensive minded ball will not win at the highest level.

I truly wish what your asking is an option but I dont believe it's a recipe for success. Bad formula combined with the wrong type of players will lead to more frustration. But who knows maybe they try.