Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Done and Don

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This has been a long time coming.  Don Brown was removed as Michigan's DC on Tuesday afternoon.   If you have read this blog for over 2 years, you know how I feel about Don's 1 dimensional defense.   I'm sure he knows a ton of defense, but it sure as hell didn't look like it on the field.  It did look like it on the defensive stats rankings.   

If your defense can't beat good teams, is it truly a good defense?   That was the question I have asked myself over and over about Don Brown.  He would have the #1 defense in the country and OSU would put up 60.  How is that good defense?  Once the playbook is out, on beating your defense, everybody will do it and we saw an example of that this year.  

A DC has many jobs but I believe the 2 most important are recruiting and game plan scheme.   Both of those have been well under where they should be the last few years.   Don was strong in recruiting DE, LB, and sometimes CB.  He couldn't recruit a DT to save his life and left huge holes on the defensive line and in the secondary.  He was very honorable in telling recruits he most likely was not coming back next year but stay with your commitment to Michigan. 

Michigan will owe him $1.7M and that price is worth every dollar to head in a new direction. 

Who's next?

1. Derek Mason, was on Jimmy's staff at Stanford and became the DC after he left.   Was just let go at Vandy and could bring some toughness to this defense. He also knows how Jimmy likes to work.   Worked and recruited at 2 high academic institutions. 

2. Will Muschamp maybe the best DC available, but not sure he will mix well with Jimmy.   The guy can coach defense but is he ready to work with Harbaugh?  My guess is no.

3. Tim Banks, is the co-DC at Penn State and grew up in Detroit.  He played and coached at Central Michigan and known as a great recruiter in the state of Michigan.   If your looking for a guy on the rise, he could be a good hire.  

4. Jim Leavitt, is the FAU DC and coaches for Jimmy's buddy Willie Taggart.  Not sure he would take a coach from a friend and the guy is a bit of a wildcard personality wise.  He did turn around a terrible Colorado defense a few years ago.  (FAU plays tonight against Memphis)

5. Nate Woody, DC at Army.  Was the DC at Georgia Tech and App. State prior.  He even spent a year on Jimmy's staff last season before getting the Army gig.  Maybe a long shot here, but Woody might be in the mix.  Army is 9-2 this season. 

I'm also guessing Michigan is not done with coaching changes.  This is assuming of course that Harbaugh signs an extension and stays the course.    

Michigan needs a DC that brings a new set of eyes, a complex ever changing defense, and a strong recruiter.  


Ron said...

You didn't mention Lovie Smith with his Pro experience taking the Bears to a Super Bowl and being a former DC

Unknown said...


Voice of Reason said...

I would think that Coach Harbaugh would have to sign the extension first before any coach would seriously entertain coming to Michigan to coach for him. Secondly, considering that he might be on a slippery slope himself, I would doubt if he would first look at a young up and comer as a DC because he needs positive results and he needs them now. In other words, he'd need someone who has a proven track record of developing a D-1 defense and turning that unit around. Someone that can get these kids to seriously slow down an osu and Wisconsin offense as soon as next year. Someone that can make adjustments not only from week to week but during the game. Finally, Michigan is going to have to pay this guy. IMHO!!!

Goose said...

Will muschamp is the best in the business as a DC. I dont believe he would come to Michigan. But it would be a really nice boost to get sec talent up here. Doubt he would put up with Harbaughs antics also. Beyond him I'm not sure. Derek Mason I guess or the Penn state guy he seems to be out recruiting Michigan in Michigan.

szanreno said...

Funny how everyone wanted brown gone, now
we're trying to pull a replacement out of our asses. Hahaha. Always have a replacement lined up, in football or business. It's the smart move.

Aimtubbs said...

If the vault is truly open, then hire several of them. Take Mason and Banks. Hire Leavitt as well. Wring the last drops off water out of Leavitt while building Mason and Banks for the future.

MichiganMan said...

Next fire hardball

Goose said...

Now this for 3 years

szanreno said...

If he says it long enough eventually it comes true.