Monday, January 18, 2021

Michigan Monday: Old Michigan QB's and New Staff

Former Michigan QB's had a good day on Sunday.  One came off the bench to secure a win, the other led his new team to the Conference Finals.   One is headed to the Hall of Fame, the other is headed to retirement someplace warm.   On Sunday, both lead their teams to wins in the NFL Playoffs.  Congratulations to both Tom Brady and Chad Henne. 

The other big Michigan news on Sunday was that the Wolverines named Mike MacDonald its new DC.  Mike seems like a very smart guy and a rising star in this business.   Here are some career highlights:  

  • Graduated summa cum laude with a finance degree from Georgia's in 2010...Earned his master's degree in sports management from Georgia in 2013, while serving as safeties and defensive quality control coach for the Bulldogs.
  • 2015-2016 Defensive Assistant for the Baltimore Ravens 
  • 2017-2020 Ravens LB Coach 
He is clearly a smart young coach and a name we are not familiar with.   He comes highly recommended from John and the Raven's defense has been very good the last few years.   Jimmy also has a very good track record of picking guys out of the NFL while he was at Stanford and even here at Michigan. Jedd Fisch just got a head coaching job.   We need some new ideas and young energy on this team and lets hope Big Mac can bring that.  

Here is what the staff looks like today:

DC: Mike McDonald 
OC: Josh Gattis 
ST: Jay Harbaugh
RB: Mike Hart 
DB: Christian Robinson?* (see below)
TE: Sherrone Moore 
OL: Ed Warinner 
DL: Shaun Nua?

I don't expect Shoop to be back.  Nua and BJM are on the fence and it might be Mike MacDonald's decision.  

  • Michigan was expected to announce the hiring of Christian Robinson a strong defensive coach and recruiter from Florida.   Dan Mullen is trying to retain him with a raise and a new title.  We should know soon what happens here.  

  • Caris LeVert is out after the trade physical to Indiana found a mass on his kidney.  I hope its not serious and he is back on the court soon. 

  • Michigan Basketball finally had the "clunker" we all knew was coming.  No need to go deep on that performance and just move on. 

  • Sounds like Urban Meyer is interested in the Raven's DL coach as the new DC for the Jags. 

  • Ron English former Michigan DC and EMU head coach took a role on Purdue's defensive staff. 

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