Thursday, January 28, 2021

Michigan Thursday: He wasn't In Queen's Gambit

Michigan's defensive coaching staff finally landed a DT, as 4 star George Rooks committed to Michigan yesterday.   George has been hoy and cold on the Wolverines for better part of a year and it seems it was Coach Nua who was the glue that kept him open  to Ann Arbor.   

Many recruiting insiders thought George was heading to BC or Penn State.  In fact, a Rivals reporter predicted George would end up in Happy Valley, hours before he committed to Michigan.  

George is 6'4 and 260 pounds and rated the 263rd player and 19th DT in the country to 24/7 composite.  His offer list included the likes of: Alabama, BC, Auburn, Georgia, ND, Miami, Ohio State, PSU, Nebraska, and many more.  

Welcome George we need you! 

This also calms some of the perception that Nua is not able to recruit.  Some are saying that Done Brown was holding Nua back from recruiting large 300 pound nose tackle that plug gaps and make the running game a problem. 

  • Pat Fitzgerald signed a 10 year contract with Northwestern. 
  • Tate Martell will try to continue his 10 year college football eligibility and will try to transfer from Miami.  
  • Former Michigan commit and Tennessee RB that brought down the program due to McDonalds bags of money, is heading to Oklahoma. 
  • Jimmy is adding Ryan Osborn and Garrett Cox to his staff.   Cox might have some relationships that could help with players in the transfer portal.  Tennessee's roster is going to be a free for all.
  • Donovan Edwards gets his 5th star via 24/7 (still a 4 star on the composite for those that are worried about the 5 star jinx)

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EzmoB said...

From what I read, Osborn is a huge get for coach H. Georgia was trying hard to get him. He ended up with us.