Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Need More DT's


Michigan needed to make a ton of changes to their coaching staff.   That happened, but it didn't happen quickly and Michigan is now playing catch-up on the recruiting trail and in the transfer portal.  Now the staff is in place they have work to do in the 2022 class and there is a week left in the 2021 class.

Michigan needs DT's badly and will have to figure something out right away.   The portal is an option but there are still a few options left in the 2021 class.  

-George Rooks, Michigan was a lock and then started losing ground to BC and PSU.  As of this morning, George is trending back to Michigan.   This is a must win for the Wolverines and it seems George is getting the Maize and Blue carpet treatment.  

 -Rayshaun Benny, didn't sign early but many believe he will stick with MSU.   Michigan will make it as hard as possible sticking with that commitment.  

-Ikechukwu Iwunnah, 3 star DT is committed to Colorado but the new staff just offered him.   It's a Hail Mary, but you never know. 

-Victory Vaka, another 3 star DT that was high on Michigan early.  He committed to Texas A&M and then backed away.  Not probable but there is a chance.  

If Michigan can land one of these guys its a home run, 2 a grand slam. 

After next week, it will be all about the portal and preferred walk-on's.  

  • Livers is the Big Ten Player of the Week!  Congrats!

  • There is some "smoke" around former 4 star and current Penn State OLB Lance Dixon thinking about entering the portal and coming to Ann Arbor to play for his high school coach Ron Bellamy.   Lance also caught a "pot" charge in the summer of 2020 in not so Happy Valley. 

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