Thursday, February 25, 2021

Michigan Thursday: A Tough Road

I'm a bit old school when it comes to goals for Michigan's sports.   I want Big Ten Championship and then everything else is icing on the cake.   In basketball, I want the regular season championship because the Big Ten and NCAA Tournaments are unpredictable where you have to be lucky and good.   The true sense of accomplishment for the season is winning the regular season BIG 10 championship.  

Michigan will have to play their best basketball in the next two weeks to accomplish that goal.   It started on Sunday and continues tonight as the Wolverines host #9 Iowa at home.   Michigan can't overlook the trip to IU on Saturday, then a tournament like week starts.   Where Michigan hosts #5 Illinois and plays 2 games against rival MSU.    If Michigan can get through those games, they will have earned that Big Ten Title.  

Here is Michigan's new football coaching staff:

We believe this is finally final for Michigan's staff changes.  

  • MSU beat Illinois on Tuesday, tonight they have OSU.  

  • Michigan's Pro Day is 3/26, with no Combine this year, a very important day for the Wolverines who want to get drafted.  

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