Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Tiger Woods

As you know, I like to take a few golf detours from time to time on this blog.  Michigan Basketball is hot and Michigan Football is resetting, but after the events of yesterday I thought another detour was justified.  

I've always been a fan of Tiger Woods, I'm even old enough to remember him playing at Radrick Farms for a junior tournament back when he was just a cub.  His golf on the course and his life off it has been a bunch of highs and many lows.   Yesterday was another low and he is lucky to be alive.  

If you have watched the documentary on HBO that was recently released, Tiger has lived quite a life with a positive and negative role model in his father.  His father made him into a one of the most famous people in the world but his expectations that he was going to change it off the course was too much pressure for anyone to handle.   So Tiger resorted to off course activities that would make your grandma cringe.   The things he hated about his father, he has only repeated in his own life.   You could make a statement his life is more Rock Star then Golf Star.

Yesterday, reminded us again that life is precious and way too short.   The crunched up SUV brought back images of Kobe and the other passengers on that tragic helicopter flight only a year ago.   It also reminded us Tiger is not here for our Sunday's at the Masters or Father's Day at the US Open.  He is here for his kids and the rest of his family.   When the news of his condition was not available after his crash we all feared the worse.  At the end of the day, leaving that crash with a crushed leg and ankle, one should feel lucky.  

The golf fan in me, started to wonder how long his recovery would take and would he be ready for a run next season?  But that is a selfish take, isn't it?   Would the rods in his leg and ankle hold up with his powerful and dramatic swing that made him so famous? Or is this the end of a career for a man that has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, only to come back to the mountain top.  Would the last competitive round be with his son before Christmas in the Orlando tournament.  

Tiger is a complicated man with a complicated story.   No matter what happen or how it happened yesterday, I'm happy he is still alive.  We all have had enough heart break for long long time.  

  • 3 Michigan Basketball Commits earn McDonalds All American team
  • MSU beat Illinois last night.  Thank you Sparty! 
  • Michigan - Iowa on Thursday at 7:00 


Goblu said...

Nice commentary on Tiger. For sure a complicated human - as all we are (other than Bucknut-Dubai-man, who’s just a troll 😝)

MichiganMan said...

Speedy recovery...Tiger...

Fire Don Brown...from AZ...please, retire...

Blue for life....

szanreno said...

I hope Tiger recovers to enjoy his family and life itself, however it's my opinion his competitive golf days are over.