Wednesday, February 3, 2021

National Signing Day Part 2 - A DT Hat Trick

Michigan's national signing day part 2 is all about defensive tackles and the hope they flip to the Wolverines.  You know the names by now: Rayshaun Benny and Ike Iwunnah.    So to be clear, I wunnah both players! 

George Rooks has committed and is expected to sign.   But you never know until the ink is dry and the LOI is in. 

Let the fun begin! 

To recap, I said if Michigan gets 1 DT its a home run, if they get 2 its a Grand Slam.   What happens if they get 3?  A DT Hat Trick?  A Banana DT Flip?

Rayshaun Benny has pulled the Reverse and has signed with Michigan!  Big Pick Up!  Big win for Coach Nua and Bellamy, flipping the instate commit to MSU.  

Ikechukwu “Big Ike” Iwunnah is now also Blue! Flipped from Colorado. Big Day for the Wolverines new defensive staff.

George Rooks is now in!  A DT Hat Trick Today!

That should do it for the 2021 class.  A very good close for the Wolverines and the new coaching staff.  Maybe Coach Nua's best day in Ann Arbor. 


Destroyboogaloo11 said...

The Boogaloo boys are racist pieces of shit!

Destroyboogaloo11 said...

Fuck the Boogaloo bois!!!

Goblu said...

Electric boogaloo is a reference to a 1980s movie called “ Breakin 2 - electric boogaloo”

Don’t be such an over-sensitive douche

Renegade said...

"The Boogaloo boys are racist pieces of shit!"

"Fuck the Boogaloo bois!!!"

The quality of comments on this website has visibly declined over the last few years. Still do enjoy Bob's reporting though.

Goose said...

There was no reference to the boogaloo boys. Just a song, admittedly I haven't heard the song in awhile but I dont remember it having a racist tone. Sorry friend I think you are just being overly sensitive.

Goblu said...

Rooks signed!

alablue said...

Need someone who can cover a reciever, pls.

Bob said...

Sorry Everyone, had no idea what the "boys" are and was just trying to make a joke from a old movie. Removed to not offend anyone. -Bob

Goblu said...

Bob, no sorries needed. You made a joking reference about something that a younger generation might not know. And instead of asking about it, they cry "I'm offended"... which is sadly the new world we live in.