Friday, March 19, 2021

Michigan Friday: Texas Southern and Sparty

Texas Southern and Mt. St. Mary played a pretty ugly game but close game yesterday afternoon to tip off the tournament.   Texas Southern has some athletes but unless they shoot the lights out at Mackey, I think Michigan should be ok in the first round.  Prediction: Hunter has 30. 

MSU and UCLA played a late night close game where I thought MSU played well in the 1st half but you could see the momentum turn in the 2nd.   Izzo and crew will be home for the rest of the tournament as you know by now.  

  • Jake Butt on a long and painful journey with the Broncos has come to an end.  My guess this might be it for his football career.   That F'ing Orange Bowl and bad ACL's cost him a longer NFL career. 
  • Rhode Island guard transfer Fatts Russell says that Michigan has reached out.
  • Michigan Women's Basketball Naz Hillmon is the 1st Wolverine to be named as the 1st Team All American. Congratulations!

Enjoy the basketball this weekend and lets hope the Wolverines go 2-0!


Rudy said...

Obviously the B10 was HIGHLY overrated in ball this year. Pure embarrassment so far. This time tomorrow, there'll be no more B10 teams in the tourney.

MichiganMan said...

Shut up and go away you buckeye fan