Thursday, March 18, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Why the First 4 Matter

Michigan fans have plenty of interest to stay up late and watch basketball tonight, in what used to be the first day of the NCAA tournament but this year its the First 4.   

1st:  Let's scout Michigan's opponent in the 5:10 game Texas Southern (16-8) vs Mt. Saint Mary (12-10).  This is a TruTV game and probably the only time anyone watches that channel.   You will have to search for it in your guide.   This is basically a pick'em game as MSM is -1 favorite.   Strange seeing a team make the tournament with 12 wins.   

2nd:  MSU vs UCLA - which seems more like a first round game then a First 4.   MSU has beat some big boys like Michigan, Illinois, and OSU in the last month.   But they also can look like an NIT team some days.   This is the late game with a 10:00 tip on TBS.    Sparty is a -2 favorite. 

  • Jourdan Lewis signs a 3 year $16M deal to stay with the Cowboys. 
  • As expected, Josh Burnham committed to ND - the loss of BJM hurt Michigan here. 

Enjoy basketball tonight!  BTW:  Isn't the tournament so much better when Michigan is good?  😀


MichiganMan said...

Who thinks Michigan will go 9 and 3 next year....?

MichiganMan said...
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