Monday, April 26, 2021

Michigan Monday: Willie Had A Cup of Coffee in A2

I'm a big fan of guys named Willie on the defensive or offensive line.  I was all in on Will Campbell and of course Big Willie Henry.   So I had high hopes for Willie Allen an offensive tackle transfer from LA Tech.  I was a bit concerned about his level of competition and how he was going to fit into Michigan's offensive line.   Well, it seems those concerns were valid and Willie has decided Ann Arbor is not a place for him.   I'm pretty sure Willie and Dan Enos are tied for the fastest Welcome and Exits in Michigan Football history.  It's also fair to put Jeff George's son in that category as well. 

Some insiders said that Willie showed up to Ann Arbor "heavy" and did not preform during the spring and was nowhere near starting.   Willie of course is looking for a route to the NFL and sitting the bench at Michigan was not part of the plan.  So he is again looking for another spot.  

On a side note, I never understand guys showing up out of shape to NFL camps as a free agent or college transfer looking to start and make the NFL draft.  Another thought, Michigan has not seen a lot of success out of the transfer portal.   You can make a case for Shea, but he didn't get drafted and had a troublesome senior year.   Is Mike Danna the best transfer in recent history?  I forget to add Jake Rudock, who was a successful transfer and has Jimmy's only Bowl win as head coach in Ann Arbor.  Jimmy should call Juwan on how to find the right players in the portal. 

  • Speaking of transfers or guys that have left - Worthy as expected signs with Texas.  I'm sure there wasn't any funny business here by the new Longhorn coaching staff.   There are reports that recruit Domani Jackson (USC Commit), Giles Jackson, and Xavier Worthy all wanted to play together and was one of the reasons they left or didn't commit.   Funny, that none of them are playing together at any of the schools they picked (Texas, Washington, USC).   The other thing is, reports are that admissions messed up and didn't get him in January.   Those types of things happen to regular students, not 4 star WR's.  There is something else here.  
  • DT portal prospect John Ridgeway who Michigan was interested in, picked Arkansas. 
  • Did you know DJ Wilson got traded to the Rockets?  That is a place where he can get some floor time!  He went for a career high 25 last week. 
  • Michigan is trending for 2022 CA QB Nate Johnson who is 6'2 185 pounds and rated a 3 star prospect.  The rule here is, you don't usually grab a highly rated QB the year after a 5 star signs.  


Rudy said...

So UM lost out to the powerhouse of Arkansas? Recently lost another recruit to Mizzou. Lost a few to Rutgers but of course, who would deny Rutgers when they come calling in your Living Room!

Cormac said...

The problem(s) that I have with all these reports about Player X not getting admitted on time or whenever is that they are unsourced. I'm also pretty sure that anything said about someone not getting in is going to come from the player or his camp. Michigan is NOT going to say why Player X didn't get in.