Monday, May 24, 2021

Michigan Monday: Phil and Adding a DT

If you've read this blog for years, you know I'm a golf fan and sometimes go off the board.  Phil Mickelson who has always been a great golfer but was unlucky enough to be in his prime when Tiger Woods was young and just housing everyone.   As Tiger's life continues to twist and turns like a daytime soap opera, Phil's game started to leave him.  His mindset was he wanted to play on the regular tour but his game was more ready for the Champions Tour.    He was the guy that could shoot a 67 or a 77, you never really know.  

Until this weekend, when Phil started to play Kiawah Island like a fiddle.   His body is thinner and it seems he has done a lot of work on his mind and staying present during the round.   It was an interesting watch as you were just waiting for Phil to hit a drive off the course.   Some of those swings happened but they ended up not really hurting him as the rest of the field struggled.  

I think it was ironic that Tiger is at home with a broken leg and Koepka is playing with a bad knee.  Phil took a great opportunity, played well, and had a historic win for a guy a month away from his 51st birthday.    Well done lefty! 

  • Jordan Whittley, the grad transfer from Oregon State did pick Michigan on Saturday.   Yes, this is a chance worth taking as Michigan needs some large men up front as they move away from Don Brown's nothing but DE's defensive lineman.  
  • Looks like Gattis got another year added to his contract. Might be the COVID year doesn't' count thing. 

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