Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: The Dirty World of College Football

We have known for years that football programs have "bagmen" that pay players to come to a specific University.   Whether its a bag full of cash, a new car, a home for mom or even a rumored programmatic system that has been alleged at Alabama.   Kids getting money really doesn't hurt anyone, expect the teams trying to play by the rules.   We have always known that college basketball is as dirty as "pigs in mud" but now college football is looking to jump in the mud.  

The transfer portal has opened another door for the cheaters: "A prominent high school coach told ESPN's Tom VanHaaren he has seen it increase to the point that he estimates 60% of college teams are doing it.

"With one player, last season I got four calls from four different conferences," the high school coach said. "'Is he happy? They're not using him like we would use him.' These are SEC, Big Ten and some big-name schools."

Players are now getting recruited before they even hit the portal.  Coaches are going through other players, street agents, family members, high school coaches, trainers, etc.   To gauge current players interest in moving on.  

This in turn could make MAC  and FCS schools like the minor leagues.  If you don't get the big time offers out of high school, go ball out at Ball State or Eastern Michigan and the big time schools will call you.  

Does this happen at Michigan?  Of course it does.  I don't have any inside information on two recent transfers and I'm not alleging anything, but the transfers of both Giles Jackson and Xavier Worthy both seem suspicious to me.    Its not hard to imagine the sales pitch from "other coaches" made to Worthy.  "Michigan is not letting you in early and there seems to be admissions issues.  Come to School X, we will let you in, enroll right now, and get ready for the season. "

The NCAA will never be able to police the cheaters and mostly this type of cheating.   We all want Michigan to get back to being where Alabama, Clemson, and OSU are currently at.   The question we have to ask ourselves is, "are we prepared to jump into the mud". 

  • Do you remember LB Jordan Anthony?  He transferred from Michigan in December 2019 and still hadn't picked a new school.  After a year and half,  he will now play at Troy. 
  • Michigan has hired Sydney Sims as the director of strategic communications and branding from ND. 

  • Dan Dakich lost money gambling and is now doing Door Dash.  Everyone needs a side hustle. 

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GoBlueBruce said...

I guess it is better to hose down the muddy mess by making it legitimate to pay athletes. I'd rather it be clean as it is suppose to be. Where there is money there is dirt. Good observation and analysis.