Thursday, July 22, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Oklahoma and Texas on the Move?

There seems to be a lot of changes coming to NCAA Football.   NIL Rights are here and Alabama's QB who we have never heard of has got about a $1M in endorsements.   The playoff committee is finally waking up that just having Alabama, Clemson, OSU and one other team every year is pretty boring and might open it up to 12 teams.   

Now reports are that OU and Texas are interested in joining the SEC.   Both programs are mum about it and Texas AM is crying that "this was our idea first!".  SEC of course would love to add those two Brands to the league and hundreds of millions of dollars more.   If this happens, it will certainly effect more then the Big 12.  What does the Big Ten do?  Does the PAC 12 start games at 3:00AM Pacific time to get an advantage?

Is it time to make the Power 5 Conferences just one big league with divisions like the NFL? Fun Times.  I would like to suggest an Academic conference with the likes of Michigan, Vandy, Duke, Northwestern, Norte Dame, Stanford, and CAL.   If Stanford and CAL doesn't work due to being on the West Coast, then I submit Georgia Tech and Virginia.   :-)

  • There is talk that DJ Wilson who is no longer on the Bucks and traded during the season, probably will get a Championship Ring.  That is one of the weirded things in sports, your not an NBA Champion but you have a Championship ring.   Those things are like $50K+ each, so I wouldn't turn it down.  
  • Big Ten Media days start today and I'm sure Jimmy and the 3 players will say absolutely nothing while using words like.  "Working hard every day"  "Getting 1% better each day"  "This team could be special" "Last year was a disappointment but we have put it behind us"  "Freshman will certainly make an impact on this years team"   "We're excited about our new QB competition" "The new coaching staff has brought a lot of energy and are really bonding with the players"


Chowman said...

I'm sure the B1G will find a couple more football powerhouses like Maryland and Rutgers! Hey, maybe Pitt will be available.

szanreno said...

Twelve teams in a playoff for the national title is not a playoff, it's a tournament. And a joke. Does anyone really think that there are 12 teams deserving of a chance at the national title every year? You want to play in the national title game get good like Clemson and Alabama and quit pissing and moaning about them being in there every year. College football is going to hell in a handbag, and in a hurry!!

Tim said...

I - personally - like the idea of 12 teams. With just 4 it depends so much on where you start ranked, how the committee perceives you and recent history in big games.

And having 12 teams also gives smaller conference teams a chance and the #2 teams in bigger conferences. Remember in 2017 Bama got beat in SEC play and didn't even play in SEC championship game, still gets in 4 team playoff and wins NC.