Monday, August 16, 2021

Michigan Monday: Evans First Pre-Season TD

I was frustrated on the lack of carries or catches for Chris Evans last season.  He got 17 carries and 9 catches in 6 games in 2020.  In his first NFL pre-season game for the Bengals, he got 12 carries and 4 catches.  He also scored his first NFL Pre-Season TD with 6 seconds left to play in the first half.    He is making a run as the starting 3rd down back for Cincinnati.  

  • Congratulations to MSU golfer James Piot for winning the USGA Amateur Golf Championship.   He grew up playing Fox Hills.   He now gets invites to the US Open, The Masters, and the British Open.  What an honor! 
  • 2022 Tampa DT  Tawfiq Thomas has Michigan in his top 4.  He is a teammate of Michigan commit Mario Eugenio.
  • ESPN says OSU has a 70% chance of winning the Big Ten.  Michigan falls in the 8% other category.  My favorite years are the ones where nobody is expecting anything from the Wolverines.   This is one of those years.   Michigan is currently un--ranked in any of the pre-season polls.  Coastal Carolina and Louisiana are both ranked in the coaches poll. 
  • Jett Howard, list his top 7 schools:  Michigan, LSU, NC State, Vanderbilt, Florida, Tennessee and Georgetown.  I wish Michigan had an advantage in his recruitment!

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