Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Tougher Then Expected Schedule

When I originally looked at Michigan's schedule this season, I thought it could be a positive for the Wolverines.   After the latest AP pre-season ranking, it seems pretty tough with some peaks and valleys.  

Michigan starts with 4 straight home games:

Western Michigan 

#20 Washington 

Northern Illinois 


Then a tough 2 game road trip:

@ #12 Wisconsin 

@ Nebraska 


After 3 weeks without a home game:



Tough finish to end the year:

#17 Indiana 

@#19 PSU


#4 OSU 

That is 5 ranked AP teams in 12 games, with two different back to back road games.   The end of the season could be difficult, where Michigan might not be favored in any of them.  

Best Scenario:

Michigan starts 4-0 with a close win over Washington.  TV killed Michigan's advantage on this one, should have been a noon kick.  

Goes 1-1 in the next two.  

Beats NW and MSU. 

7-1 going into IU.  Wins a close game at home. 8-1.   Takes the L in the white out and then finds a way to beat Maryland on the road.  

9-2 into OSU.

9-3 is the best case scenario.  Michigan really needs road wins against Nebraska, MSU and Maryland.  Washington and IU are also very important home games (Harbaugh job savers). 

More likely: 7-5

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