Thursday, August 5, 2021

Michigan Thursday: USC and The Big Ten?

Texas and Oklahoma started a process that will change college football.  The Big 12 is basically done and other teams will start to look for new destinations or maybe a new league name.   The PAC 12 is also not at the level of the SEC or Big Ten in TV dollars and the rumor mill is spinning that the Trojans are looking for a new location.  

USC is a great brand name but the travel is going to be crazy expensive for them.  I'm not talking football, which can afford it.  I'm talking all the other non-revenue sports and the costs associated with that.   If USC football did make the jump and The Big Ten wanted to extend an invitation, they better get ready for a bunch of noon Eastern kickoffs.   On the other hand, with the number of primetime games Fox, ESPN, ABC, and the BTN need to fill, that might not be a big worry to them.   USC should consider a remote campus in Chicago or something if that did happen. 

If USC did jump, they would need to bring another team.  Seems Colorado or Arizona might be candidates.   I like these options better then Kansas and anything else the Big 12 has.   Though it would be very strange to have West Coast teams in the Big Ten.  In other shocking news, ND plans to stay independent.  I thought their 1 year trip to the ACC might change their mind.  

  • Emoni Bates from Ypsi is going to re-classify and now maybe play college basketball with the NIL rules.  He probably can make more doing that then heading to the G-League now.   MSU is still in play, Emoni "Rocket Mortgage" Bates.

  • DPJ is getting some good buzz out of Browns camp.

  • 2022 Center 6'10 Tarris Reed is going to announce his school this evening.  He has 100% CB's to the good guys. 

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