Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Joe and Cade Continue to Be Linked

Even though last season has been erased from your memory with one of those "Men in Black" pens, somewhere in your head you might remember that Joe Milton after the Minnesota game struggled at QB.  The last straw was the Michigan - Rutgers game where the Wolverines were struggling with the improved Big Ten door mat.   Joe was replaced by Cade McNamara who came off the bench and played well.   Its fair to say, Cade was not as good a week later against Penn State prior to the rest of the season being cancelled due to COVID. 

Since then, Joe has transferred to Tennessee and Cade has cemented his starting QB role at Michigan.  On Monday, both players were named the starter for their respected teams.   We have been hearing Cade is the starter since Spring Ball and the UT news was fairly new, even though reports were Joe was trending to be named the starter.  I wish Joe nothing but luck.  He seems to look great off the bus and in practice but had a hard time in games.   Cade is supposed to know this offense like the back of his hand, but is fighting the Michigan John O'Korn phenomenon, who won a Big Ten game off the bench and never played well after.   I do like that Cade was a Harbaugh recruit and should be ready to play, even though he has a 5 star looking over his shoulder.  Both players showed up on back to back hits on ESPN''s Bottom Line all day on Tuesday. 

Bottom line, both QB's have a lot to prove and strangely seem to be linked together.   On a weird side note, Joe will start the season on Thursday against Bowling Green who's head coach is another former Michigan QB.  

Weird side note #2:  Former Michigan QB's starting at other programs = 3. 

Brandon Peters - Illinois (got injured in the 1st quarter, program believes its not serious and he might be able to play this week).  Peters was battling with O'Korn at Michigan which seems like 10 years ago.  

Joe Milton - Tennessee

Dylan McCaffrey - Northern Colorado 

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