Monday, September 6, 2021

Michigan Monday Labor Day Edition: First Look At The Huskies

Washington had a disappointing start to their season late on Saturday night taking a loss at home to Montana.   Your first reaction might be, "ok, they're not that good and Michigan should win easily on Saturday".   That is the wrong take, there isn't a more dangerous team then one that is coming off a loss.  Case in point, MSU last year.  MSU looked like they were playing lacrosse or some other sport week one last season and Michigan had a nice ranked road win.    The next week, MSU beats Michigan so badly, it sent Joe Milton to Knoxville.  

On a side note, does it seem like every team in America has a Michigan transfer on it?  Even some guy I have never heard of transfers from Michigan and throws 10 TD's for Presbyterian and makes SportsCenter.   Who says Jimmy can't develop QB's, he just develops them for every school in the country: including Illinois, Northern Colorado, Tennessee, and Presbyterian. 

Lets look at the numbers from UW's week 1 loss:

-QB Dylan Morris threw 46 times and completed 27 for 226 yards and had 3 picks 

-RB Newton ran 17 times for 62 yards 

-Some guy named Giles Jackson ran twice for 19 and had 4 catches for 15 yards 

-Montana had just 232 total yards and UW 291 

-UW scored in the first quarter and was shut out the rest of the game

-UW was 4-14 on 3rd downs

I didn't watch this game but it looks like the 3 picks and poor 3rd down conversation was the difference in the game.  UW is supposed to have a very good defense an the numbers show they do.   The 3 picks is also something that can be fixed and another reason to not pre-determine next weeks outcome.  

  • Glad we don't play Iowa this season.  That defense looks legit.  IU takes an ugly loss week 1. 
  • Of course I didn't see most of PSU - Wisconsin but it looked like an old school Big Ten game with nothing but defense.   Same thing for Clemson - Georgia.  
  • The FSU - ND game night was more of a movie then a football game, my goodness it had just about everything in it.   Marcus Freeman has some more work to do on that defense.  
  • Watched a little Arizona - BYU - supporting Jedd Fisch.   Don Brown is continuing to do Don Brown things and his over blitzing cost Arizona a ton of yards and points.   If you notice during the ND - FSU game, the same thing happened when Marcus Freeman did the same thing. 
  • I hate to say it, but MSU looks very much improved due to being Transfer Portal U.   You could also call FSU the same thing. 
  • Illinois takes an ugly L to USTA 
  • Also Maryland continues the condition of winning a nice Week 1 win with a win over WVU. 

I fear we are going to get really bad news on Ronnie Bell today in Jimmy's press conference. 

I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day! 

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