Thursday, September 2, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Week 1 Starts Tonight - Let's Talk Offense

The Tom Brady - Drew Henson Michigan QB curse has continued for too long.   For those too young to remember what happened:   Michigan had the greatest NFL QB ever playing very consistently but also had the #1 recruit in the nation and local boy Drew Henson as his backup.   At that time, the Golden Boy was Drew Henson.  The Michigan faithful didn't hate Tom but thought that Drew might be the better QB.   Tom as a senior leads Michigan to win over Alabama in the Orange Bowl and the next year Drew gets hurt and then leaves a year early to play baseball for the Yankees.   Michigan has had good QB's since like Chad Henne and Denard Robinson but the lack of star and healthy QB's has hurt Michigan's chances for more wins.  

Ironically, Michigan is in a similar position this year.  Cade McNamara seems like a smart kid, that knows the offense, and works hard.  Behind him is JJ McCarthy the 5 star gun slinger that hasn't taken a snap in college but has a huge upside.  To top it off, Michigan has Alan Bowman a 3rd string QB that just transferred from Texas Tech with a ton of playing experience.  

We know right now Cade will be starter against Western but I would imagine JJ gets some snaps no matter the score.   This situation is very similar to what happened with Brady and Henson at Michigan.   (please note, I am not comparing Cade to the best QB ever - just a similar situation at Michigan). 

Maybe the best way to reverse a curse is to recreate it. 


My biggest concern with this group is, can they catch?  I know they're fast, I hope they can run good routes, but their hands concern me.   

Starters: Cornelius Johnson, Ronnie Bell, Daylen Baldwin

First in: Roman Wilson, AJ Henning and Mike Sainristil 


This position to me is a bunch of the same guys and we're just waiting for one of them to be Jake Butt. 

Starters: Erik All or Luke Schoonmaker 

First in: Honigford, Selzer, and Hibner.


Michigan has some much needed depth with experience on the offensive line.  There is a rumor that one guy is banged up and might not go on Saturday.   So that is why we haven't had more talk on starters. 

Starters: Hayes, Keegan, Vastardis, Zinter, Stueber

First in/maybe starters:  Filaga, Barnhart, Crippin 


This postion group is so deep it could lose a guy that ran 6 times for 106 yards and 3 TD's last Saturday and not miss a beat.  To me, its the most talented meeting room on offense.   I expect Michigan to find creative ways to get Edwards in the game (ala Reggie Bush). 

Starters: Haskins and/or Corum 

First in:  Edwards

As always, Michigan success on offense depends on their ability to run the ball and have a QB that makes the right decisions to get first downs and TD's.  

  • NCAA Football on Tonight, including that team in Columbus. 
OSU @ Minnesota 8:00 Fox 
Temple @Rutgers 6:30 BTN  (game just moved to Saturday)
BGSU@ Tenn 8:00 SECN (Joe Milton) 


Tim said...

Michigan offense has me concerned. Last year Don Brown was weak and coaches had him figured out. But it is not like we lost shoot outs. With all the screaming at our D last year many overlooked our weak O. Our offense has never look great under Harbugh and Gattis has never impressed me.

There will be growing pains moving to a 3-4 on D.

Our offense has experience and athletes. They need to step up this year.

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