Friday, September 3, 2021

Western Michigan Preview

Time: 12:00 EST
Location: Big House
Weather: 72 No Rain 
Line: Michigan -17

Dear Jimmy, 

Long time no talk, hope things are well with you and your family.  Honestly, we've been concerned that something has been wrong in those areas.   That is your business and if there is anything going on, that should stay private to you and your family.   We just miss you.  We miss the guy that got off the plane 5 years ago with nothing but Mazie and Blue piss and vinegar running through his veins.  The guy that would spike his headsets on a bad play or climb a tree to secure a recruit.   That is the guy we would love to return to the sidelines, that is the guy the Big House faithful can rally around.

Back to the team and we know what Bo thought about the Team.   Things haven't been going very well of late, there is a Pandemic, fans haven't been in the Big House, and the team had a ton of issues last year.  The good news is, last year is over and its time to move on.  Yes, the Pandemic is still here but at least its better and fans will pack the Big House tomorrow 100K+ strong.   

You made some smart changes in the off season by resetting a majority of your coaching staff.   It was time and something maybe you should have considered a year or 2 earlier.   Anyway, those were the right moves and we all expect to see that investment pay off on Saturday and for 12 total Saturday's this Fall.  

This Western Michigan team from the other side of the state, is no joke and they know offensive football.   As we witnessed last night watching Ohio State and Minnesota, college football is now about scoring a ton of points and the team that gets the most stops wins.   Your team is not built that way and the 2021 Wolverines are going to have to play very good defense to win.  I know you don't prefer me to give you advice, but how about getting the ball to Michigan's playmakers more?   Those guys need to be targeted and given the ball as much as possible.  If Edwards is as good as we are hearing, find a way to get him on the field and the ball.   Also throw it to the new transfer WR, he seems like a playmaker and we could use another one of those at WR.  

I know you don't spend your time reading the media or worrying about "hot seats" as nobody knows better then you, that your second go around in A2 hasn't been a home run.   We also realize this isn't the most talented team you've ever had.   I just want to see a team that plays hard and plays smart.   The last few years we have seen a team crumble when something bad happens.   That is not Michigan Football and we can no longer tolerate that mindset.  

Jimmy, your a hell of a good coach and a guy that took an NFL team to the Super Bowl.  It's time to put all the past shit away and focus on Saturday and all the Saturday's this Fall.  It's time to get back to playing elite defense against all the teams on the schedule.  Do your damn job, motivate the team, pick them up when things go wrong, and win a football game on Saturday.   Your a Michigan Man for goodness sakes.   Go Blue. 

-The Big House Faithful 

Michigan 31 Western 20

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