Thursday, September 9, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Week 2 Big Ten Match-ups

In maybe one of the best Week 1's ever it seems the sport has taken a bit of a reset this weekend and has more cupcakes then steak.  Though there are a couple NY Strip games out there:

#12 Oregon @ #3 OSU: I don't think either team played very well week 1, this should be an interesting match-up and the time zone does not set up for The Ducks for a noon kick.  I wish Michigan - Washington was the noon kick for the time zone advantage and this was the Saturday night game.  OSU is favored over 2 TD's which seems too much. 

#10 Iowa @ #9 ISU: This hasn't been a game that most folks outside the State of Iowa paid any attention to  Not this year as its a a top 10 match-up with Game Day.   Iowa looked great and ISU struggled week 1.   Another game that would have been better in primetime.  ISU is -4.5.   I like Iowa in this one. 

Now to the rest of league:

Youngstown ST @ MSU:  BTN No Line

Miami OH @ Minnesota -20: BTN 

Indiana State @ Northwestern: BTN No Line

Rutgers -2.5 @ Syracuse: ACCN    NJ vs. NY battle! 

Purdue -34 @ UConn: CBSSN 

Ball State @ #11 PSU -22.4 FS1

Buffalo @ Nebraska -14 BTN  Watch the fighting Mo Linguist's! 

EMU @ #18 Wisconsin -26 FS1

Idaho @ IU BTN No Line

Howard @ Maryland BTN No Line


MichiganMan said...

I see Michigan winning this one 30-13

Blue for life....

Rudy said...

We bulldozed the Gophers last year and suddenly playoffs were being discussed. Came back and got beat by that horrid green Transfer Portal U the following week. Not ready to get enthusiastic yet, but beating UW will go a long way in helping.

Voice of Reason said...

I've been reading the posts from a number of the "experts" trying to predict the Michigan-Washington game. They are using the Michigan Western Michigan game as a game that Michigan "should have won" in large fashion while saying that Washington was just ambushed by Montana and they will be angry against the Michigan Wolverines, so "watch out Michigan because Washington may beat you."

It "may be" true, however, what sticks out in my mind is this: Western Michigan is still an Division 1 FBS football team. In other words, they are equal (officially) in class to any B1G team; while Montana is an FCS team which is "lower" in class than even the MAC Western Michigan Team.

What am I saying? That Washington got their lunch handed to them by a team that was ranked (in principle) just above a junior college team. Yes, Michigan should have soundly beaten the WMU team but Washington should have been running up the score to the 80's against the Big Sky Conference teams. With Washington struggling and them losing against Montana, that is more embarassing than if Michigan lost to WMU. Washington should have won their Montana game even if they haven't prepared at all for them because they have far more superior talent. I don't care what anyone says, it shouldn't have even been close.

With them (Washington) losing it tells you where they are in their preparation and development. The question is, has their loss to Montana woken them up at all so that they would be ready to play and beat Michigan? Then my question in response is that if they've struggled so much against an (albeit very good FCS team in) Montana, then are they able to handle the superior talent of a Michigan Wolverine team? I could be wrong but I doubt it. Add that to the fact that they have to travel across the country and then play in the Big House against a team that is trying to reestablish itself back into national prominence, money is on Michigan. IMHO!!!

Justwin said...

Despite BuckNut man’s dumb prediction, this is sort of a trap game - but one that can be avoided. Washington will for sure focus on the errors that lost them the game. There were not many errors - and you can’t bank a win by turnover happening twice.

As long as Michigan doesn’t listen to our Bucknut friend above, and instead they prepare for and play this game (like all games) as a must win I think they have a good chance. But it will be a close game, in my opinion.

MichiganMan said...

Justwin my friend from down you are saying anyone who made a prediction is dumb?

Blue for Life....

Fire Don Brown from AZ....

Goblu said...

No, that your prediction is. That is an odd attempt by you to generalize a very specific comment pointed toward you.

MichiganMan said...

This is not a MichiganMan's problem...this is a Michigan's problem that they can't score more know what I will give you guys a prediction that you will enjoy....

Michigan 63 Washington 10.... I hope this prediction will make you happy

Blue for life....