Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: TV Times with News and Notes

  • If you missed it, the Rutgers game on Saturday is a 3:30 kick on ABC and Wisconsin a week later will be at Noon on Fox.  
  • I believe for the first time ever:  ESPN's Game Day and Fox's College Pregame show will be in the same location on Saturday morning.  In Chicago for ND vs. Wisconsin which is a Fox Game.  It seems Fox is eating into Game Day's ratings some.   I much prefer Game Day over anything Fox does for college football.   I do like Gus Johnson, a known Michigan fan.  
  • Domani Jackson a 5 star DB from California has loved Michigan since he was little.  He is committed to his local team USC but the Washington game pulled some heart strings for the young man.  Here is a quote from his dad on a Sam Webb interview:  “Like I said, they surpassed our expectations. They did everything that they needed to do. It was mainly just about seeing how Domani fit in there, and when he walked around, the feeling that he got. The fans, were they receptive too him? Which they very much were. He was surprised at how many people knew who he was. The student body, when you walked past there they were yelling things at him (like), 'we want Domani! We want you to be here!' So, that was very welcoming to him, and that meant a lot to him. So, like I said, they surpassed everything they needed to do.”
  • 5 Star power forward Yohan Traore will take an official visit to Michigan Basketball this weekend.  Always great to have Basketball Recruits on campus for a football game. 
  • Michigan on BTN had a funny fact today.  Half of Peppers TD's at Michigan came against Rutgers. 
  • PFF has Hutch as the highest rated DE in the country. 
  • Western Michigan's head coach Tim Lester has tested positive for COVID. 
  • Nico Collins got banged up and is out 3-4 weeks for the Texans.
  • Schiano praised Mike Hart during his press conference on Monday and that he was thinking about hiring him.
  • One of Manning's asked Gronk if he ever watches tape?  Gronk's response: “No I don’t. I just run by guys. If I’m feeling good, I’m feeling good.”  --- I'm pretty sure he knows a guy that watches a ton of tape for him.  

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