Sunday, September 19, 2021

Post Game: NIU

Mike Mulholland |

Well, there really isn't much to write about after that scrimmage yesterday.  Northern Illinois knew they were over matched and laid down early.  I struggle to understand what NIU's strategy was at all, as they looked like a boxer paid to take a dive.  Rocky just a year ago beat a depleted Michigan secondary by throwing the ball down field and NIU had 46 yards passing on 9 completions out of 17 attempts.   Take your check and go home Glass Joe.


-Corum should be in Heisman conversations

-233 in the air

-373 on the ground

-AJ Henning looks good in punt returns

-Defense gave up 10 points and 208 yards 


-2 #1's on the same play

-That mistake cost Michigan's Defense its only TD

-Rocky had 72 yards rushing

The best thing you can say is that Michigan handled business against a team that beat Georgia Tech week 1 (GT almost upset Clemson on Saturday).  Western also upset Pitt on Saturday as well.  The non-conference season is over and now the Big Ten begins. Time to see if we got a team that can compete for a spot in Indy.


Justwin said...

My biggest cheer is a jeer toward bucknut lady who told us all to relax. Thanks, what would we do without your wisdom. You piker

Think best take away is that Gattis seems to understand when to run, when to call short passes and when to go downfield. Guys who were worried about all the rushing with Wash maybe didn’t get that Gatis was avoiding their strength and testing our rb’s. Yesterday was a fine mix, and I’m sure we will see some overweight one way or the other again.

JJ seems like has a high ceiling.

Tim said...

Good post Justwin. Bucknut boy doesn’t have a strong grasp of the English language. When anyone is complimentary towards U of M he takes it as thinking we are saying Michigan won the NC.

I have been critical of our passing game. As I have been vocal of my criticism I publicly ate crow. Their passing was better. Against a week opponent. He tells me and others to relax like I was saying we would be favored against Bama.

I’m sure he is frustrated that mich looks improved. To constantly be on an opposing teams blog…just sad and weird. I hope someday he gets a job, moves out of his parents basement and can find meaning and purpose in life.

szanreno said...

Dubai baby, Dubai... He's probably getting his breath back after Tulsa's near miss yesterday...

Justwin said...

Hahahahaha. You guys are killing me! Great posts.

Yeah, I’m sure he was freaking. Oregon last week, Tulsa this week. I feel bad for the guy.

Voice of Reason said...

Either these top 25 teams are not as good this year as they were based upon previous years performance or they are simply off to a very slow start which is more likely because of last year being a Covid year with all of the craziness of teams playing half seasons, cancelled seasons, cancelled games creating irregular schedules, the top players opting out, etc., etc., it was very difficult to get a true read on a number of teams. In other words, it may take this season for teams to get back on track, which may be helping the Wolverines because last year's club was filled with so many inexperienced players and now they're here with at least a half a year of playing under their belts with better coaching. As a result Michigan just "Might" make some waves this year, we will see. IMHO!!!

MichiganMan said...

Look how happy you guys are celebrating a win versus a MAC team... Let's all get a reality check here we haven't won anything in past 20 something years let's not get our hopes up take one game at a time..With Rutgers I'm guessing we'll have 250 yard rushing 230 through air....

Blue for life....

Don't worry about Ohio State they will clamp down and Michigan will have a tough task

szanreno said...

I trying to find the posts where you see all this happiness but can't seem to find them you dumb f**k... (Bucknutsackboy)