Friday, September 10, 2021

Washington Game Preview
Time: 8:00 EST
Location: Big House
Weather: 75 No Rain 
Line: Michigan -7

Dear Jimmy, 

I like what I saw last Saturday.  I liked seeing the "Speed in Space" offense maybe for the first time ever and the Wolverines are stacked at RB.  Western's first drive had me concerned but Mike from the Doobie Brothers was able to adjust and find a defensive scheme that worked.  I'm pretty sure in the Don Brown years the word "adjustment" meant not blitzing as much or ordering a different lunch. 

I know you know this, but Washington's loss last weekend makes this team much more dangerous coming into the Big House.   I hope you got to view some game tape, I tried to DVR the PAC 12 Network Game in 60 minutes but it seems they don't enjoy showing games where a PAC 12 team loses.   Two scheduled times for UW/Montana, ending up being UCLA - LSU instead.   Pretty sneaky PAC 12. 

From reading reports, it seems Washington is down most of its WR's, which makes Giles Jackson a starter. That name sounds familiar?  UW also threw 3 picks after scoring on its first drive of the season against the Grizzlies.  Michigan can't count on UW doing that again.  UW's defense is pretty good and will give the Wolverine offense a great test.   Please remind the boys of what happened last year in week 2, nobody wants a repeat of that performance. 

I will repeat what I said week 1 and probably every week this year.   Michigan has to win games on defense.   Stops and turnovers motivates the offense to score points.   Mike and the rest of the Doobie Brothers need to continue to scheme to stop teams like they did against the high powered Western offense last week.   I literally can't remember when I've seen Michigan defenders comfortable in a zone, like I did last Saturday.  In the past, Michigan's zone looked like guys trying to play a pick up game in the park. 

This might just be me, but I believe your team plays its best football at Noon on Saturdays.  I also know TV brings millions of dollars to U of M, but damn Michigan had a huge advantage playing this game at noon (like OSU - Oregon) not at 8:00.   I know ESPN/ABC, Fox, and BTN always have primetime slots to fill but it seems to me, The Ducks vs. The Bucks would have been a better primetime option.   Fight for those noon slots (mostly when you take your trip to Happy Valley later this season). 

I know you don't need my advice for Saturday but here it is anyways.  Continue to pass to open up the running lanes.  I didn't love the first down calls and we need some more creativity on that down.  If you watched the GOAT last night vs. the Cowboys, you could see two teams trying to move the ball by passing on 1st down and not running into a wall.   (Sorry to hear about the ACL's on your brothers team, that is some crazy bad luck).    Washington WR's are going against Michigan's CB's, the key to this week and every week is to pressure the QB.  Get the ball to Michigan's playmakers and let them make plays.  Tomorrow is a historic and sad day for this country -  focus the team, and stay in the moment.  Defend the Big House! 

Michigan 24 Washington 13


Chowman said...

Even thought UW lost to Montana, their defense should be a good measuring stick of the UM offense. UW's havoc defense is similar to what Macdonald wants to do. the like to stand up everybody but the DTs at the LOS and force you to guess where the pressure is going to come from. UM's offense put up some gaudy numbers but I'm thinking by seasons end we'll find out just how truly bad WMU's D really is! Offensively UW looks to be challenged and that's been exacerbated by most of their WRs not being available! Could be another defensive battle like the one UW had last week. From Macdonald I'm hoping to see more of what I saw last week, no glaring lapses where guys just totally blew assignments and guys get wide open in the secondary or a RB gashes the D and takes one to the house. I really expected with the new scheme some growing pains but there were no gash plays! From Gattis, I want to see for the 1st time that he can adjust on the fly if the opposition takes away his primary game plan. The MSU game is etched upon my mind as MSU stacked the LOS with their front 7 and Gattis had no answer!

MichiganMan said...

I like what I seen from McDonald from first game...two things I do need Michigan defense to do is tighten up on the coverage a little bit more...and put some pressure on the QB....

Blue for Life...

MichiganMan said...

Sorry, Bob according some fans here your prediction is considered to be "dumb"....

Blue for life...

Fire Don Brown from AZ

Justwin said...

Just your’s are dumb. Guess your reading isn’t all that up to snuff either.