Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Into the Light via Email

There have been a few head coaches in the last 20 years that could pretty much write their own ticket and coach wherever they wanted.  It's a short list of guys like Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Jon Gruden.   The last two guys have had a very poor two weeks.   Urban Meyer clearly thinks he is gods gift to football and can do whatever he wants when he wants.  That has been slapped down pretty hard in the NFL where he is getting his hat handed to him on and off the field. 

The next is Jon Gruden who was on the precipice of turning the Las Vegas Raiders around just when the truth about his character is reveled in an investigation of another football team.   Isn't that something? An investigation of the hugely dysfunctional Washington Football Team, brings down the Raiders head coach.  You think someone in the NFL Corporate Offices might have been offended by those emails and leaked them to the NYT?  Firing Gruden is clearly the right decision, what about Dan Snyder?  Urban you're on deck.  

These guys being A-holes and basically being frauds is not a surprise to me and I assume its not a surprise to you either.  Paying these guys $10M a year to coach your team, might get you some wins, sells a few tickets, but its also selling your soul to the devil.   

We're all mad where this program has gone since Lloyd Carr retired, but I can sleep at night knowing Michigan never choose the devil in guys like Meyer or Miles. (RR and Hoke weren't good hires as neither were ready for the job).  Michigan Basketball was even close to hiring the basketball version in Rick Pinto and luckily got just the opposite. 

What happens in the dark, always comes into the light. 


Many Michigan fans wonder out loud what Michigan should work on during the Bye week.  My frustration is said much better in the last paragraph of this analysis by ESPN's Bill Connelly:

  • Michigan - NW will be a noon kick in the Big House on Fox 
  • Brad Hawkins named co-Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week 
  • Hutch again was named the PFF Defensive Player of the Week 
  • Moody was named the Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week 

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MichiganMan said...

Well said Bob...I really hope Michigan can dominate NW on the ground. In-addition, I would love to see Haskins and Croum each get a 1000 yard at the end of the season.

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