Sunday, October 3, 2021

Wisconsin Post Game: Jump Around


The Rutgers second half brought a ton of bad memories for me and many Michigan fans.  Memories of playing Army or other teams that had no business being in the game with the Wolverines let alone OT.  Memories of a disastrous 2020 season that almost got Jimmy and did get his staff fired.   Even though Michigan was 4-0 now, that second half felt almost like a loss.  Because it was a movie we have seen a 100 times.

This Michigan team didn't want to hear that.  I asked them to prove it to us, that they could play on the road and beat a team that not only stops the run but does it better then anyone else in the nation.   They took the challenge of being on the road, playing in a place where they haven't won in 20 years, being an underdog to a 1 win team, playing poorly the last we saw them, and jumped on it.   They beat Wisconsin at their own game and outside a "stupid" squib kick, played a magnificent game. 

Michigan was up 21 points when Camp Randall played its famous Jump Around song between the 3rd and 4th quarters.  But to see the Michigan sideline get into it and celebrate the fun of the moment with the Badgers fans was something special.  It's the difference between Mike McDonald and Don Brown or Sherrone Moore and Ed Warriner.  To be 100% honest, I believe its the difference between playing for John Harbaugh vs. playing for Jimmy.   It was the difference of playing with a clear mind vs. being scared to lose.   For me, it was very important moment on how different this team really is.  


  • David Ojabo had his best game ever 2.5 sacks
  • Mazi Smith and Chris Hinton played very well 
  • Hutch was being Hutch
  • Defense had 6 sacks!
  • Dax continues to be special in the secondary (even though he did give up the TD)
  • Cade protected the ball and threw 2 nice deep balls 
  • Special Teams was nearly perfect all day 
  • Moody with 3 field goals and Robbins averaged 44 yards per punt 
  • Offensive line played well against a very good Wisconsin defense 
  • 3 penalties for 10 yards 
  • Mike McDonald deserves a game ball 
  • I don't understand the squib kick before halftime.  In fact, during the 15 minute break, I thought that mistake was going to cost Michigan the game.  I know it almost worked, but Moody had been getting touchbacks all day and Wisconsin probably takes a knee if they start from the 25.  That was a horrible call and changed the momentum of the game. 
  • The play calling after a turnover has to be better.  Michigan gets a turnover on the 5 yard line and the entire drive nets - 3 yards and a field goal. 
  • There has to be more play calls to get Corum the ball - maybe a screen?
  • I was very surprised to see Camp Randall with areas without any fans.  Never seen that before. 

I know we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves as Wisconsin is 1-3 and Ohio State treated Rutgers like Rutgers of old.  Nebraska played their best game of the year yesterday and Penn State is going to move to #3 in the nation.   The road still remains long but it will be fun to watch. 


Goblu said...

Definitely had a pit in the stomach at halftime. But positive and negative is we gave up two unnecessary td’s. Both were flukes. And it took our 3rd string qb to finally cause a turnover— something that plagued this team.

It was a solid game, and Wisconsin’s D is legit. We played and called a good game, and it was a good win. We had over 100yds run, over 100 pass with with several Long balls.

All this Despite bs’ers like Bucknut - predict a loss, then claim wasn’t a big win. It might be a sign of the apocalypse if Bucknut Boy actually admitted he’s wrong and gave credit to these kids on the field. But he’s a troll, so don’t hold breath.

MichiganMan said...
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MichiganMan said...

Go Blue... Lot of us thought they were going to lose... Including you.... They did surprise me as well as surprising many fans around the world.... Win is a win and win is never bad... I would like to see Michigan have a slot receiver and a receiver that runs across the middle watch Ohio State that's something they have... Teams that have that have the advantage.... I like to see AJ Henning fill that void...

Blue for life
Fire down Brown from AZ

Goblu said...

How do you know what I thought? I didn’t make a prediction. If I had, however, and I was wrong, I would gladly admit it and give credit to the team. You don’t have that level of character. You are just a BS artist…

Fire BucknutBitch

szanreno said...

GoBlu, Not an artist, artist often times have talent. But beware buck-nutsack- boy can read minds.

Justwin said...

Ha!! ^ that’s brilliant!

Let’s celebrate the kids who performed and the coaches who coached well. Good job to the team.

Doesn’t mean we are winning the national championship… just means we are executing against talent and still have major hurdles to go. But man, 5-0 feels better than where we have been.

Justwin said...

5 B10 teams in top 11. Good early part of season. Iowa v PennSt will be terrific

MichiganMan said...

Guys let's relax a Little....don't get to head of yourselves....we still have long ways to go...I'f Harbough don't get us 10 wins he must be replaced...who is all with me...?

🔵 For Life

🔥 Don Brown from AZ

Justwin said...

Dude, can you not read?? Who is “ahead of” themselves. Point to one post that is overly optimistic?

You are not a bs artist. You’re just a loser, a-hole.

Please, we all know you’re a Bucknut. Just leave this group for people who actually want to speak normally about michigan

szanreno said...

First time I've ever seen an apostrophe in the word "if". Buck-nutsack-boy is a grammar artist...

Voice of Reason said...

Mike McDonald deseres a game ball and a house. Harbaugh needs to make sure he keeps this guy around for a while. Regarding Wisconsin being 1-3, I hope folks don't get caught up in that record. The schedule makers didn't do Wisconsin any favors by not spreading the games out. These three games were "Murder's Row," and consider this, how many teams would have done much better with that type of schedule? Look at how they played PSU, that game was tied until the last 9:17 minutes of the game when PSU scored the touchdown that finally won that game. Wisconsin could have (and some would argue should have) won that game.

Then you take into consideration the ND game. Wisconsin was winning the game until the last 14:01 minute of the game, then their offense literally imploded with fumbles, and interceptions that turned into pick sixes, and a kick off that was run back for a touchdown. The last 14 minutes was not indicative of how Wisconsin was going toe to toe with ND. If they played four quarters of regular Wisconsin football then they could have likely "arguably" won both of those games.

My point being is that Wisconsin was and is a very good team who didn't handle controversy very well when it arose, but we still shouldn't be fooled by their record. Once they get their heads on straight, they will likely straighten out their record and win their share of games going forward. IMHO!!!