Friday, October 1, 2021

Wisconsin Preview

"Scary" from Pinterest 

Time: 12:00 EST 
Location: Camp Randall 
Weather: 72 and 30% Rain 
TV: Fox 
Line: Wisconsin -2

Dear Jimmy,  

Back on the road for the first time this year as you're taking your team to Madison, Wisconsin.   A place Michigan hasn't won at for 20 years.   That is just crazy!  I know we had some hand shake agreement with the Badgers where they would win in Madison and Michigan would win in Ann Arbor, but Wisconsin broke that rule last season and embarrassed your squad in the Big House.   I hope that was the theme this week in the weight room and on the practice field.  

I know your friendly with Paul Chryst because you share the same football sensibilities.  You both like to run the ball and play good defense.  You also believe in full backs and passing only when you need it.   Wisconsin is much better then their 1-2 record.  The Penn State game was a coin flip and Wisconsin looked like the better team for 3 quarters in the ND game before they returned a kick off 100 yards.   They also have the best rushing defense in the country by a wide margin.  

So this is a time in my letter where I remind you of few things that your staff forgot last week in the 2nd half.  Please don't run the ball into a loaded box/brick wall.  This is not a wining formula against Wisconsin.   You also have to get the ball to your play makers.  Blake Corum and AJ Henning will help you win games and need as many touches as possible in space.

This game is going to test Mike McDonald and the rest of Doobie Brothers defensive scheme as the key to beating Wisconsin is making them pass the ball.   They have an NFL quality TE in Jake Ferguson who is QB Mertz favorite target.   Don't allow him to run free and always have someone on him, even in a zone.  Taking away the run and stopping Ferguson will give you the best chance at leaving Madison with a W.   Mertz has thrown a ton of interceptions against PSU and ND, which means he is ready to look like a Heisman candidate on Saturday against the Wolverines.   This will be a close game as both teams are just too similar. 

So to recap, stop Wisconsin running game (their offensive line and RB's are not as great as they have been in the past, but they are not shabby either), be creative on offense, get your play makers the ball, and cover Ferguson with someone fast.   Wisconsin needs a win and your squad needs to beat a quality opponent on the road, which has alluded you for the most part.   Fox takes a ton of commercial breaks and takes a 3 hour game and makes it 4 hours.  You and your coaches will have plenty time to make adjustments.  I hate to put more pressure on you, but this is really a "prove it" game for me and where your program is at.   Are you the program that blew through 3 decent opponents or the one that reverted back to 2020 in the 2nd half last week?  Michigan has the best talent in this game, but Madison has been a nightmare for our beloved program.  This is put up or shut up moment.   What do you have?  Prove it to me, to all of us.  

Wisconsin 20 Michigan 14


MichiganMan said...

I am with you Bob, I hope we do pull it off...but, it is going to be a lost.

Wisconsin 27 Michigan 13

MichiganMan said...


Blue for Life...

Fire Don Brown for AZ...

SecondChance said...

Wisconsin 20, Michigan 13. Will Michigan open up the offense ? Don't expect them to, another lackluster loss.

Justwin said...

Assume you negative-obsessed will admit how wrong you were… those of us saying that offense will adjust to the defenses maybe were on to something.

Go Blue, fire Bucknut Boy

MichiganMan said...

It was a is not like we beat a top 5 football team...Wisconsin is a bad football team....they may not win more than 5 games this year...Michigan continue needs to improve their passing attack...we not lose to OSU by more than 60pts this year...

Blue for life...

Fire Don Brown from AZ

Justwin said...

You are a total BS artist. You predicted a loss. Then when my team (not yours) wins, you down play it. Dude, go just watch Bucknuts and be happy.

Fire Bucknut Boy