Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: 2022 WR Tay'shawn Trent Decommits

COVID has made it difficult to recruit players and to understand where they are academically.   The shutdown has played havoc on grades and eligibility questions.   Michigan has to recruit elite talent that is also elite in the classroom.  It's no different then what ND or Stanford has to go through, which gives many schools in the SEC and Big 12 schools an advantage.  

Tay'shawn unfortunately falls into that situation.  One of his former coaches gave his take on the Mgoblog message boards:

Former player of mine. A lot of things going on here, and all added up to this commitment not happening. My former district really failed him academically; wasn’t enough time to turn it around.

Without getting in to too much details, but when there is no grade checks, or attendance expectations for athletics from 6th grade on…it quickly can be junior year and you are in a deep hole but have never been taught the other expectations.

East Detroit last season had players who would miss weeks at a time and play. In one case they had a kid “enroll” on a Thursday and play Friday. So many students went virtual and did absolutely nothing. During the shut down there were 75% of HS students who never logged on once. 

Tay did a lot last year at ED to try and catch up and Bellamy and Hart have a good relationship with Coach Oden at Harper Woods and they knew that he would be best to try and get everything squared away. It was known this was the most likely outcome but the coaches and Tay did do everything they could in the short amount of time 

I hate to hear stories like this.  I hope TT gets into a college and gets to play the sport that he loves.  Best of luck young man.

As you have read, none of what has happened above is a surprise to the Michigan coaches.  They have continued to recruit the WR position hard including Amorion Walker who is a ND commit, Dane Key who is a UK legacy guy and his announcing this week, and new offer East Carolina commit Kaleb Webb.  

  • You know how I feel about James Franklin, he continues to prove my theory about him almost daily.  Days after losing to one of the worst teams in the Big Ten in 9 OT's,  he fires his agent and picks up Jimmy Sexton who manages the majority of coaches in the SEC.  During his Tuesday press conference, said multiple times that his focus is on Illinois and taking a trip to the Big House.   PSU plays Ohio State on Saturday night in the Horseshoe.   

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Chowman said...

James Franklin is a used car salesman! He's not an X's and O's guy, but a Jimmy and Joes guy. His game management is an atrocity. But he does have a hell of a sales pitch when he gets in a recruits living room, even if some of the stuff (I'm being generous) he's selling isn't true or won't come true. I really think his tenure in Happy Valley is coming to a close as the alumni/fan base are growing tired of the promise of top recruiting classes, but left wanting by the play on the field. All I can say to the USCs and LSUs of the world: buyer beware, you might be buying a pig-in-a-poke!