Friday, November 5, 2021

Indiana Preview

IU mascot from 1965
Time: 7:30 
Location: Big House 
Weather: 43/Clear 
TV: Fox 
Line: Michigan -20

Dear Jimmy, 

This is my first letter to you after a loss the week prior.  I can't lie that one stung a little bit.  I won't go over each area where things didn't work out, as that doesn't help the team move forward.  I will though remind you of Bill Belichick's theory on defense.   Take away the thing or player that the opponent does best and make them beat you in other ways.   If a boxer has a great right hand, make them beat you with the left.   Your team failed at that last Saturday, in a game where you were dominate in other areas and should have won by a couple TD's.   You should be embarrassed to continually get out coached and beat by that staff and program.   Its one thing to get beat by the Columbus Browns, its another to get beat by the Transfer Portal Spartans every year.  

Ok, that was probably too much and I apologize if I offended you and our beloved program. Time to turn the page and put the focus to Indiana.  Another program Michigan has struggled against lately.  They even beat you last year during the COVID pandemic when IU was a media and Big Ten darling.  That was last year and this team has done nothing but struggle.   The Hoosiers are 2-6 with wins over WKU and Idaho.  

This means Saturday night is all about your team and how it reacts to what happened in East Lansing.  In positive news, your team found a passing game and what looks to be a future star in WR Anthony.   I expect Corum will be motivated on Saturday after his performance last week and would love to see your team run for 300 and pass for another 300 yards.   Michigan still has its goals in front of them and I think there is a decent chance that Sparty stumbles against the giant killer Boilermakers.   

The defense has played smart all year and has kept the opponents unsettled with different looks.  That strategy got hit in the mouth last Saturday with the line changes.  Keep up the multiple looks, know the rules, take some timeouts, and don't let them beat you with one player.   This isn't basketball. 

I know this game has no business being at night but I think Michigan's biggest opponent on Saturday is what happened last Saturday.  Stay focused on the goal, remind the team on what happened last year in Bloomington, and win the game by 30.   You're again on national TV with a few thousand commercials, make a statement. 

Michigan 42 IU 10


MichiganMan said...

Bob, are happy with us winning 8-10 games a year. If you are Garbagebugh is not going any where...I'm here advocating for his firing for about 3 years...we could have any coach in the country and win 8-10 games every year....what is the difference fire him now...maybe another coach could get us to the playoffs by his 6th or 7th year....

Fire Don Brown...

MichiganMan said...

Where are all the bucknuts at...lmao...losers....

Justwin said...

Dude, you’re writing is incoherent. That’s why no one replies to you. And you say the same shit - for 3 ungodly years. We have moved on and don’t really care about another Bucknut troll.

MichiganMan said...

I hope we go for a run off and get in the playoffs

Get in the playoffs keep harbor fell playoffs fire harbaugh
Blue for life