Sunday, November 21, 2021

Maryland Post Game

: Isaiah Hole - Wolverine Wire- USA Today

When Alan Bowman is in the box score with 3 of 4 passing and 35 yards, something has gone incredibly right or wrong.  Luckily for Wolverine fans, it went right on late Saturday afternoon in a 59-18 win over Maryland. 

I did like the creativity out of each unit Michigan put on the field.   Michigan found Donovan Edwards out of the backfield 10 times (not running the ball) in the air for 170 yards and a TD.   Michigan kick off return threw across the field on short kick and it turned into a TD return.  JJ was Michigan's 2nd leading rusher behind H2 who only had 78 yards.  It was a fun watch and probably the last time Michigan can play a somewhat none threating game this year.  On to the C and J's :


  • Hello Donovan Edwards in the passing game! 
  • Sainsistil with a one handed TD catch! 
  • A2 with another one handed catch 
  • Scoring in all phases of the game 
  • DJ Turner next CB superstar?
  • Kickoff throwback is such a great call 
  • JJ was 5 of 5 passing and had 19 yards rushing
  • Cade 22/28 259 yards 
  • Michigan playing to win the game and being aggressive 
  • Another road win
  • Guys named Gash and Hughes ran for a total of 12 yards 
  • 11 guys caught balls 
  • 0 turnovers 
  • Special Teams A+
  • Corn Johnson can we start each game with a catch instead of a drop?
  • Cade firing the ball off lineman helmets in this game was comical, he totaled 2 
  • Then #25 Junior Colson breaks up a pass downfield with his face mask 
  • AJ your making me nervous!  One punt drop and another fumble.   
  • Michigan's defense struggled at times - early in the 1st and pretty much all of the 3rd quarter
  • Michigan 1-3 on 4th down
  • Michigan's first drive of the game was terrible
  • Didn't run the ball well 
  • Hard to say, but I thought the offensive line had an average day 

Ok, the elephant in the room is what Ohio State did to MSU in the first half yesterday.   They turned MSU worst pass defense into a 7 on 7 tournament.  Remind me again, why we ran the ball so much against MSU?  Second question, how much is that Tucker extension?

We know next Saturday's game is going to be a challenge.  Maybe the greatest challenge Coach Macdonald has ever faced professionally.   Either way this a 10 win team the deserves our praise for how they rebounded after last year.   I think we all wanted Michigan to be relevant and the game to matter again.  Jimmy and staff has accomplished that, lets now see if they can shock the world.  


Justwin said...

Was awesome game to watch (but what a shitty stadium). We were 20 yard line for the one-hand catch. Awesome to see so closely.

Biggest issue for next week is just the talent difference. How can we compete against a glorified Community College that are Ohio and the SEC??

Tommertoffo said...

Harbaugh is a great coach. Stop all this nonsense from the trolls.

This was a great season....but it's time to be Ohio State. A victory here would be awesome for the program.

Go Blue. This team has an awesome future.

ScottyDoggs said...

So are we going to be a 10-2 team or 11-1 team....I hope Harbaugh throws a lot of unexpected plays against Ohio State... good solid plays (not of the trickery or gambling type)....Good hunting to the Wolverines! Remember a wolverine can dismember a animal many times it's size.

Blue In Ohio said...

OSU and Columbus are inbred with corruption....until Michigan is willing to do the same....they will never compete. Players are paid there, alumni provide illegal benefits and the NCAA does not care.....$$$$$$

MichiganMan said...

Listen college athletes like football players deserve to get paid they bring millions of dollars to the university...Ohio state is playing players then why not Michigan go out and pay player that are five stars.... who cares... Student-athletes deserve it... Especially football players and basketball players... A miracle got to happen if Michigan were to upset OSU....

Blue for Life fire. Brown

Justwin said...

Because it’s cheating, you dumb shit. I’d rather lose than cheat. And you clearly show more than ever your Bucknut loyalty with that post.

MichiganMan said...

I hope the game is close I hope I'm not turning off the TV by half time...

Blue for life
Fire Dan Brown

szanreno said...

Great post Justin. How satisfying is it to win something and know you cheated to get it? Athletes do get paid for it, and rather handsomely at that. Ask the ordinary student how much he's paying for his college education. Everyone forgets how much it cost to run a school and all the accoutrements that go with it. Old school athletes back in the day we're happy to get the college education and do something with it. Athletes nowadays are too lazy to do the school work or too stupid to do it and want the money now which they are soon parted with. I always get a kick out of the athletes 4 or 5 years down the road telling everybody they got paid hoping now that they're broke they'll get some more money out of it. Oh buck nut sack boy really showed his true colors on that one...

Justwin said...

And he doesn’t seem to even understand… waste of oxygen

MichiganMan said...

Guys only way we could win if we could put pressure on osu's quarterback... We have to make him feel uncomfortable... That was the formula for success for Oregon....

Blue for life
Fire Don Brown pay the players