Monday, November 22, 2021

The Original Michigan Monday: An Early Look at Ohio State

Well, its that week again.  The week where your mind wonders from Michigan Football to Thanksgiving with family and friends.   Where your forced to watch the Lions take on the Bears that have a combined 3 wins between them.   Where there is something called the Egg Bowl and Nebraska and Iowa play on Friday to put an end to another Cornhusker season.    Then on Saturday, when the tiredness of Black Friday and turkey leftovers leave your system, you wake up to realize that THE GAME is being played today and that bad feeling hits your stomach.  

We all saw Ohio State treat Michigan State like a bunch of walk-on's from East Lansing on Saturday.  So much so, the Buckeyes didn't even need to show up for the 2nd half.  I stopped watching somewhere early in the 2nd Quarter.   Ohio State's offense is about as good as an offense can be right now. 

Passing Yards Per: 362

Rushing Yards Per: 197

Points Scored Per: 47

Points given up Per: 19 

That is an effective offensive unit and will give the Wolverines a ton to scheme against all week.  Macdonald will need all of this NFL experience to slow down that air attack.  

  • I don't have much to say on Michigan's Basketball team right now that I haven't already said.  
  • You know how much I love off season coaching moves in College Football.   This year is going to be very good with a ton of big time jobs available.   Florida fired Dan Mullen and adds their name to the list of available big time programs needing a head coach.   Not sure there are enough big names to fill all the big jobs.  Florida, LSU, USC, UW, Va Tech, TCU, Texas Tech and more.
  • Regular readers of this blog also know how I feel about Don Brown being the DC at Michigan.  All reports are pointing to him being named as the UMass head coach again.  The announcement could come as early as today.  Don by all accounts is a good person and I'm happy for him being the head coach at a place and region he is very comfortable with.  I hope he has a ton of success there.  


Justwin said...

This is a game that we could win, but stars need to align (including refs behave more like the Maryland game than the Sparty game).
I’ll be on an airplane during the game, and honestly think that’s better for my mental health than watching :)

Go blue, fight hard. I’m really proud of this team and how they have shifted their mindset. They are great kids and deserve our support.

Rudy said...

The only way to beat the godless $uckeyes is to keep their offense off the field as much as possible. That means our offense stays on the field, takes time off the clock while pounding out first downs. Have to keep them honest and take shots down field but really need to get 1st downs and eat up the clock. At least we have a new D coordinator and don't have to watch Brown fail to adjust again. It'll take a full team effort no doubt. Go Blue!

MichiganMan said...

Look guys we need to put pressure on OSU's QB...that is the formula. If we can do that guarantee victory for the good guys...I always thought Don Brown was a good guy not a good defensive Coordinator....I wish him all the more fire Don it is "Hire Don Brown"

Blue for life
Hire Don Brown!!

Blue said...

5 Keys to Victory
1) Disrupt the Quarterback through pressure & sacks throughout the game.
2) Create a running attack by establishing a passing attack.
3) Win the turn-over battle.
4) Play smart with limited penalties, and not deter from one's assignments.
5) Disrupt their offence through crowd noise throughout the game, home field advantage is huge.

Michigan has the all the ingredients to win, with likely the most important being the overwhelming "WILL" to beat Ohio State.

MichiganMan said...

Go Blue I like your list one thing you forgot to mention...
6) Pray...Pray...Pray...Pray....

Blue for life
Hire Don Brown!!

MichiganMan said...

Justin where you fly to? Dubai? I will will be going back there for couple of months to work on a network project...

Blue for life
"Hire Don Brown the mustache man.....

szanreno said...

Ever notice how he only jets off to Dubai during the off season?!? If your computer work is anything like your grammar, your computer work sucks! I can't imagine anyone letting you work on a network.

Blue said...

MichiganMan, Pray the ball, and officiating both bounce our way.

MichiganMan said...

I hope so buddy...we need this game....

Blue for Life
Hire Don Brown!!