Monday, November 8, 2021

Michigan Monday: An Early Look at Penn State

The Nittany Lions are a unique team this year and probably the most talented team Michigan will have faced this year.  They have a very good defense that ranks #12 in the country in total defense.  When Clifford plays at QB they are a functional offense that can move the ball.   This will be Michigan's biggest test of the season.  Yes, they are just coming off a 3 game losing streak but those teams include the likes of Iowa and OSU on the road.   The Illinois game is the one head scratcher but Clifford was banged up and we all know those games can happen.   If your wondering Michigan will see the team that played OSU close vs. the one that showed up against Illinois.  

Record: 6-3 
Best wins: Auburn and Wisconsin
Last game: W over Maryland 31-14


Pass: 277 per game
Run: 106 per game 


Points allowed 16.7
Pass D: 173 yards per 
Run D: 124 yards per 

Penn state is ranked 23rd in the AP and Coaches Poll 

Penn State is a -1 right now - Noon kick on ABC

  • Hoping to hear good news from Harbaugh on the Michigan injuries.  He usually doesn't tell us much on Monday, but we will see.  
  • There was zero chance that the #1 player in the nation Walter Nolan was going to pick Michigan and he picked Texas A&M on Saturday. 
  • I've been a big Cincinnati supporter as we need this type of situation to expand the CFP.  But their near loss to Tulsa on Saturday should push them down rather then up in the rankings.  ND going up the rankings will help them the most. 
  • DPJ had a 60 yard TD catch on Sunday and brought back the Paul Bunyan
  • Its amazing how the entire nation knew that Sparty was going to Sparty at Purdue.  Iowa beat Northwestern by 5?  Illinois beat another ranked team as Minnesota is very unpredictable this year.  Great effort after the contract extension PJ.   Is Wisconsin going to win the West?


Tim said...

Thanks for updates Bob. I hope the injuries are not too severe.

And I sure hope Gattis and Jimmy figure out or red zone issues.

MichiganMan said...

Guys why is our leader Kim Garbagebugh still talking about the game two weeks ago with MSU. He is complaining about the calls. How about this LOSERSjust take ownership of team not played well enough to win. He should be talking about PSU and looking forward to that instead of the calls.

Blue for life...
Fire Harbougha n Don Brown....

Justwin said...

You’re an idiot. It’s very smart of him to do that. It’s called playing to the poll voters - creat doubt that Mich really should have won. That accomplishes many things. But you’re a Bucknut idiot. So yeah.