Friday, November 12, 2021

Penn State Preview

Datsun 240Z 
Time: 12:00
Location: Happy Valley 
Weather: 56 and 33% of Rain
Line: Michigan -1  

Dear Jimmy, 

Last week your program got back into the win column but it was a bit of head scratcher again.   I assume you know you won't be able to beat good teams with field goals.  Michigan has real issues in the red zone and needs to find a way to score more TD's.   Also why does Michigan continue to run right at the nose guard?  Can we try to get off tackle a little more or to the edges?  How about a screen pass?

Now Penn State might be the best team you have seen all year.  When Clifford is heathy they can move the ball and score points.  They also have a good defense and probably very close to what you saw at Wisconsin.   I will tell you right now, please stop Clifford from running for 1st downs.   That guy will scramble and get first downs and then have a couple of long runs when Michigan DB's are all down field.  

Now, I know your very close to the hip hop community and familiar with Kanye's music.   I have a lyric from one of his most popular songs that seems to reflect an important aspect of this game:

You go out to eat, he can't pay, y'all can't leave
There's dishes in the back, he gotta roll up his sleeves
But while y'all washin', watch him
He gon' make it to a Benz out of that Dotson
He got that ambition, baby, look at his eyes style This week he moppin' floors, next week it's the fries

That famous phrase from Kanye's "Gold Digger" is clearly about Penn State WR Jahan Dotson, an NFL prospect and one of the best WR's in the league/country.   I will also remind you what I told you after the MSU loss.   Don't let their best player beat you, take him away and roll the dice with the other WR's against our CB's and pass rush.  I'm not kidding here, Michigan in the past has not done that and needs to do it in Happy Valley.   Penn State is struggling to run the ball this season, you and Coach Mac are smart enough to have a great game plan here.  Much better then the learning opportunity that was East Lansing. 

I also hope the Wolverines are feeling better after last week.   Michigan will need a healthy Corum, All, and Anthony to beat the Nittany Lions.  Can we also get away from the two QB system, I started to hate it before the MSU fumble and that action pushed me over the edge.  Play to win the game, not to lose it.  This line has moved from PSU -1 to Michigan -1 so even Vegas isn't quite sure what is going to happen.  So it's a close one and you need to make better decisions then the guy on the other sideline. 

This is another prove it game for me and Michigan fans.  You have done a good job this year improving the team with one stumble.   These are the games you need to win, to win back more Michigan fans that want to send you to the CFL.  I will give you my final advice on the game:  play smart, play to win, open the formation in the red zone, shadow Clifford on passing downs, and double Dotson.   Michigan is the better team, go out there and prove it in all 4 quarters.  

Michigan 28 PSU 24

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