Sunday, November 14, 2021

Penn State Post Game: It Was Quite All Right

 Isaiah Hole Wolverinewire/USA Today

In a game where it looked like both teams were in control the secret was nobody was.  Penn State lead off leading a dominating 1st quarter in everything but the scoreboard.  They were dominating the number of play, time of possession, and only had a 3 point lead. Michigan flipped that in the 2nd, but the half time score was 7-6.

Michigan continued the momentum in the 3rd and early 4th put was only able to add one more TD and 8 point lead.  Michigan continued to batter Clifford with 7 sacks (and 12 TFL's) and the game started to have a Wisconsin feel.  Clifford did not leave the game and fought to the end.  He got the Nittany Lions back to even and then Cade gets blind sided and fumbles the ball.   The Wisconsin game quickly started to feel more like the MSU game.  PSU was held to a field goal and the suddenly sputtering Michigan offense had 6 minutes to tie or win the game. 

Near mid-field, Cade drops back and hits All on a shallow cross, he has some daylight and scores a much needed TD.  The hurt Clifford comes back in but at this time, ALL the hits took its toll and he finally threw a couple of bad balls and he turned the ball over on downs.  Michigan wins! 

Lets go to heavy Cheers over Jeers:


  • Haskins continues to prove he is one of the best power backs in the country.  31 carries for 156!
  • Cade has ice running through his veins, played smart football 
  • All might have had the best play of the season
  • Defense was bend but don't break all day 
  • Welcome back Roman Wilson 3 catches and 2 TD's
  • It was clear PSU was going tempo to when Hutch and Ojabo were out. They had 5 total sacks 
  • DJ turner is becoming a very good CB 
  • Haskins also had 5 touches for 45 receiving yards 
  • Michigan played 1 QB the entire game 
  • Michigan's defense adjusted and didn't allow Clifford to hurt them with his feet after the 1st half
  • Winning a game that looked like a loss 
  • Stopping the fake field goal was a very important play in the game 
  • No field goals and even scoring in the Red Zone
  • Taking a time out because you except a fake punt is coming and then giving up a first down on a fake punt
  • O-line seemed to struggle all day with pass pro and penalties
  • That 4 down call when they ran to the right was a terrible call and Penn State knew it was coming. 
  • Penn State was 4-6 on 4th down 
  • Clifford's run game causing trouble early, when it was called out in the BHB preview on Friday.

On TV is was sort of hard to figure out how the weather and mostly the wind was causing havoc on the play calls.  Michigan did a great job putting pressure on Clifford and one of the reasons he wasn't looking deep.   I thought Michigan played one of the best games of the year.  Penn State has a good defense and decent offense when Clifford is healthy.  Their running game is not that great but they have good weapons at TE and WR.  The Michigan pass rush was the difference.  

I love JJ and Donovan Edwards but these type of games are usually not for true freshmen.  I was very pleased to see Harbaugh get away from some of that.  I don't want to be a prisoner of the moment, but that was one of Harbaugh's most important wins as Michigan head coach. 

Time to focus on Maryland a 3:30 kick on Michigan's first and only BTN appearance of the year. 


Justwin said...

I think the TO was called bc Mich had too many men on the field. Not bc they thought was a fake.

I’m going to MD game, can’t wait to see our boys live again!

ScottyDoggs said...

A needed win for players, coaches, and fans... I do not recall when Michigan could dial-up a "must win" touch as they are doing this year....stealing some of Bob's thunder... next week could be a "trap game"...and Bob (when you write to Harbaugh), tell him to look at film from other teams that have had successful plays against Ohio State, and learn some of those plays...Tell Jim not to just use his most successful plays of the year because Ohio State is ready for "that crap"

MichiganMan said...

Guys we seen this movie before they go nine and they lose Ohio State and then lose the momentum, lose bowl game end of the season 10 and 3 I'm happy with that... I loved how our defense played yesterday I hope they play this tough against Ohio State...

Blue for life
Don Brown embarrassed Arizona again yesterday

Tim said...

MichiganMan - I am shocked that you are happy and content with Ohio State beating Michigan again. I did not see that coming :)

Goblu said...


MichiganMan said...

I hope so buddy...I hope this is our year...!!

Blue for life
Fire Don Brown from AZ..and Harbough

szanreno said...

Tim you now have a buddy. Congrats...

MichiganMan said...


szanreno said...

Hey buck-nutsack-boy, sounds like you and Tim are one and the same...