Thursday, December 30, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Orange Eve

Where in the world is Dax Hill?  The dark Twitter Web is saying he is in Florida and traveled with the band yesterday.   Harbaugh when asked about his status, said he was not in Florida but could arrive today and that he is working through something.   Jimmy says Dax status is questionable. If you're into flight tracking a private plane left Willow Run to Miami Executive just before 1:00.  The more you know, the less you know.  Let's hope he is healthy and ready to play.   Michigan needs him to win. 

Michigan Basketball has its last non-conference game tonight in Orlando at UCF.  Yours truly will be in attendance.  I really wanted Michigan to get a ton of practice time prior to the Big Ten season and that wish came true. 

  • MSU plays tonight in the Peach Bowl, tickets as low as $9
  • Purdue plays Tennessee
  • Wisconsin has ASU in Vegas  


Goblu said...

Good win by MD yesterday... let's hope the B1G runs the board in bowl games!

Rudy said...

Don't look now but Jimmy is on 3rd base. He's been hitting singles but got to 2nd this year by beating $uckeye U, then to 3rd by winning the B10. He wasn't born there, he worked to get there! a HR is a Natti; all hands on deck, Go Blue!

MichiganMan said...

I hope so Rudy.... I've been waiting since 1997... The far exceeded my expectation anything from here on is icing on the cake...

Blue for life
never hire Don Brown for DC