Friday, December 31, 2021

Preview Georgia

Time: 7:30
Location: Hard Rock Stadium 
Weather: 78 no rain 
Line: Georgia - 7.5

Dear Jimmy, 

In today's letter I would like to start with a stupid personal story.  I was in my early 20's and in a casino for the first time in my life.  My friends and I were on a golf trip and stopped at a small Traverse City Casino to try to win a few dollars.   Some of my friends sat down at a blackjack table and I cashed $100 worth of chips.  I understood the goal of the game but not much more.  Played for about 30 minutes and found myself looking at about $180 in front of me.  I leaned over to my friend Eric and said, I'm not sure of the strategy here.  He said, "pocket your investment and play with the $80 in chips".   I was able to turn that $80 into another $50.  (And that was the last time I ever won anything in a casino).   The moral of that story is, I was playing with "House Money".  You my friend are playing with house money today.  You bet your reputation, salary, and your Michigan legacy on this team and hit the Big Ten jackpot!!

You have nothing to lose today, and I hope your team plays like that.  You weren't ranked to start the year and if you listened to the media your car seat warmer was stuck on full blast.  You beat Ohio State and Iowa and earned a championship.  Tonight, football goes up another level and your team plays one of the best teams in the nation. 

The key tonight is to play Michigan Football and be very smart on play calls.  This Georgia team is very much like playing Wisconsin.  Instead of Wisconsin's 3-star athletes, Georgia does the same thing with 5 stars.   Bama gave you "great tape" on how to beat this powerful defense and Michigan will have to find a non-traditional way to win.  Running H2 into #99's belly over and over will not have the same result as it did against Oho State.  The Michigan offense line will be greatly tested in both the run and pass game.  Michigan throwing quick for first downs will be key.  

On the other side of the ball, my concern is with Georgia's talented WR's.  I believe the Georgia offense will come out fast and aggressive.  They will want to put your team to sleep early and try to get a big lead from the start.  I look for them to try to get over the top and test Michigan's secondary.   I hear Dax is in Miami and is expected to play.  Which is good news.  

A close game is good for your squad, and I hope that is what we will have in the 4th quarter.  Your team is not over matched and have already seen some of the best defense's in the country.  I know our stars on offense are at the RB position, but tonight I would like our WR's and TE's to shine.   Cade needs to get rid of the ball quick and Michigan's WR's/TE's will need a ton of YAC.   Your offense will need to score TD's in pretty much every quarter. 

In conclusion, I will leave you with this.  A reminder that your team is playing with house money and has nothing to lose.  Open the play book and be aggressive on defense. Let Hutch and the other seniors lead and put them in the proper positions to be successful.  Make adjustments and play smart in all phases.  If you win the game, I will donate that $130 in "house money" to Mott's Childrens Hospital that I won a long time ago, to symbolize the joy you have brought to all the Michigan faithful this season.  Play like Champions tonight and win the god damn game!   

Michigan 28 Georgia 24


MichiganMan said...

You right Bob they have nothing to lose throw everything at Georgia who cares if they work or not... If they lose the team should feel we threw everything at them we tried our best I do not want the players and the coaches to say we should have did this or we should have did that at end of the game...

Blue for life
Dan Brown never returned to Ann arbor to be a DC.. you may come back to visit you are a good man... Please never come back to be a defensive coordinator

Goblu said...

Happy to see B10 undefeated so far... I won't count Rutgers likely loss. That was a last minute sub, and they didn't really earn a spot. And CMU is rocking Wash State!

My hope for today is the boys play well, are armed with a good game plan, and leave the game healthy. The key is to build off the success of this season.

Blue said...

Keys - Score Early ... Slow down Georgia's running attack ... Creative play calling ... Win turn-over battle ... Win Special teams.
X-factors in our favor - Crowd noise ... Wanting it more.

Go Blue!

MichiganMan said...

Blue I like your keys....LETS GO GET IT!!

Blue for life
Never Hire DB for DC...

MichiganMan said...

Dang why not run two times...

🔵 For life
DB never DC

Unknown said...

Harbaugh still sucks , and should be fired

Justwin said...

Tough game. But it’s ok. Boys need to move with enthusiasm into next season. I’m proud of them, of the coaches and of our fans. Onward!

MichiganMan said...


💙 For life
DB never DC

Unknown said...

Looks like Michigan’s game plan for the orange bowl, they should all be ashamed of themselves , all this “being proud “ shit, of what? Getting our asses kicked and being frauds once again? Um…. I don’t think the Lions should draft Hutchinson, what a joke