Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Thinks About Recruiting

Michigan is coming off a magical week of 2 football games and now the coaches are on the road to trying to cement the Wolverines 2022 class.   Michigan took an internal loss yesterday, as Director of Player Personnel/Recruiting Courtney Morgan is leaving to work with his best friend at Washington.  That will be a loss to the program for a guy that came home but was only here 6 months.  Tough loss 8 days before signing day. 

Right now, Michigan has the 14th ranked class on 24/7 and wants to close strong to get into the top 10.  Let's take a look at each position area:

Strongest Position Group in the class: DB

5 Star Will Johnson
4 Star Zeke Berry
4 Star Kody Jones
3 Star Myles Pollard
3 Star Damani Dent

The SEC is coming after Kody Jones and Michigan is still heavily involved with Keon Sabb who just decommitted from Clemson.   Could be some drama here but hopefully Michigan can add Sabb to the class without losing Jones. 

4 Star Jimmy Rolder 
3 Star Deuce Spurlock 
3 Star Aaron Alexander 

3 Star Ken Grant 
3 Star Mason Graham

The staff would love to add Cass Tech 4-star Deone Walker, but he seems to be headed out of state and has UK in a leadership position. He didn't make it for the OSU game but may take a midweek visit before signing day.  USC was going hard after Graham, but he got a visit from the Michigan staff last night and is 110% solid and will enroll early. 

3 Star Kevonte Henry 
3 Star Ethan Burke 
3 Star Micah Pollard 

Nice haul for 3 guys closer to their floor then ceiling 

3 Star Jayden Denegal 

Got a PWO instate QB Brandon Mann as well

3 Star Marlin Klein
3 Star Colston Loveland 

These are 2 very Michigan Tight Ends.

4 Star Tyler Morris 

3 Star CJ Stokes 

Offensive Line
3 Star Alessandro Lorenzetti 
3 Star Connor Jones 

The holes in this class are very clear, Michigan needs wide receivers and are light on Offensive Line.  I'm not worried about the QB or RB position as Michigan is deep in those meeting rooms and can be filled through the portal if need be. 

Michigan is involved with two 5 Star OT's in Josh Conerly from Seattle and Kiy Goodwin from Indiana.  Most believe Josh will stay home and Kiy is headed to UK where he is committed to. Courtney Morgan going to UW, doesn't help the Conerly situation either.  

Michigan was looking to raid ND for WR's but with that staff staying in place those options seem to be dwindling.  

Michigan's staff job over the next week will be to keep the current guys in the class while adding a few pieces.  It seems some of the additions might have to come in February's signing day. 

  • Hutch earning a trip to New York as a Heisman Finalist is a big deal.  What an honor and the first Wolverine to be in NYC since Peppers.
  • Michigan Basketball is on the road to start the Big Ten season tonight at Nebraska.  Diabate is expected to miss the game with a non-COVID illness.  Let's hope Michigan can get better PG play. 


Ron said...

The last I heard Josh connerly was a Michigan lean?

Rudy said...

team is in the playoffs and has a player headed to NY for the Heisman. Can't understand why there isn't a better payoff than a couple of 4 stars and a bunch of 3 stars. Not to mention, there is no question about Jimmy this offseason whereas other offseasons there may have been questions marks on his future. Could it be that UM's emphasis on academics turns some of these kids off who don't reads them too good!? Maybe we aren't breaking out the checkbook like other programs ($uckeyes) do? No dealerships giving the recruits Mustangs? Again, purely statistically the playoff contenders over the last several years have been the teams getting the top recruits. Before you say "what about Cincinnati"; they aren't legit....they would be .500 in the B10 or SEC. We have a few top recruits on our D right now....Aiden and Dax to name a couple. Will Johnson and....for the next few?

Rudy said...

...and, big time congrats to Hutchinson! Walker might have deserved a nod, but hey...the refs ain't here to help him on this one.

Tim said...

Rudy - I agree regarding recruits. The coaches are just now hitting the road and signing day few months away. I hope that over the coming months we will get more recruits.

We didn't win the B10 on a fluke. I believe this is the start of something and kids will hopefully get on board.

Nick Saban is 70! I would think the recruits he is getting now will start questioning if he will be around when they graduate.