Monday, December 27, 2021

The Original Michigan Monday: Game Week

I'm getting a bit concerned with all the COVID Bowl cancelations.  I don't like that Michigan traveled to Miami so early (on Saturday) and the trend of cancellations is concerning.   I'm sure the team is taking all the proper precautions, but The University of Miami just pulled out of their bowl.   

Early Look at Georgia:

Passing Yards Per:  247.9 (55th)

Rushing Yards Per: 194.9 (31st)

Points Scored Per Game: 39.4 (25th)

Points Given Up Per Game: 9.5 (1)

Michigan will have to make sure Georgia's offense does not go off, as this game does not set up as a shootout.   Michigan does have some success against very good defensives this year including (total defensive rankings) #6 Wisconsin and #7 Penn State.  

Couple of interesting news and notes over the holiday, minus the cancelation news:

  • Michigan visitor prior to signing day ASU RB DeaMonte “Chip” Trayanum announced he was transferring to Ohio State.   The plan was for Chip to fill the Haskins role next year as a power back.  He is from Akron and picked his hometown team.  Word is, he is transferring to Ohio State as a LB, which is a bit strange.  
  • Nico Collins got his first NFL TD on Sunday
  • OSU returned 7,000 tickets to the Rose Bowl 
  • With the above news on Chip, Michigan has offered 3-star Dallas RB Andrew Paul in the 2022 class.  It seems his final schools are Michigan, Colorado, and MSU.  His other offers include Auburn, Wash. State, SMU, Mizzu, CAL, TCU, and Houston.  (No word if Andrew Paul enjoys boxing or social media 😀)


szanreno said...

Game week. Enjoy it. Don't know when we're going to get back this way again. After beating Ohio State, winning the Big Ten East, beating Iowa and winning the Big Ten outright everything at this point going forward is just gravy...

Voice of Reason said...

I had a sneaking suspicion that osu would go after Trayanum. It won't be long before he's carrying the ball. It's interesting, because he wasn't good enough to be on their team before he signed with ASU but now since osu got their butts handed to them by Michigan (via Hassan Haskins) they are looking for an Hassan Haskins look alike. Moreover, they simply don't want Michigan to get him. IMHO!!!

Mike T said...

The rumor I hear on DeaMonte was he wanted M but couldn't get in through admissions...