Friday, January 7, 2022

Michigan Friday: More Movement To The NFL

It isn't surprising when a young man makes a pledge to enter the draft.  It's a once in a lifetime deal and many Wolverines have gotten a ton of positive media coverage over the last season.  That is the case for Josh Ross and Hassan Haskins.   Both have been in the program for 4+ years and the time is right.  

The time is also right for the former 5-star Safety Dax Hill, he saw his NFL brother receive a career limiting injury before the season began and he has earned maybe a 1st round grade with his play this season.   I was hoping he might consider a Hutch strategy and give it one more go in Ann Arbor, but he opted for the NFL route, and after what happened to his brother, I don't blame him. 

  • Sam Webb reported that a recruit was told by "Jimmy" that he will entertain NFL offers this off season and that he expects Gattis to be a head coach soon.   To me, it was him just being honest with a recruit's family, not sure there is a ton to read into those comments yet.    I just don't see a ton of information from the Michigan side with folks being nervous Jimmy might jump to the pros.  (yet)
  • Ohio State has moved on from its OL coach Greg Studwara
  • I've been a guy that said Bowl Games are glorified exhibitions, but I do really miss them, now they are over.  Let's expand the playoffs to 8 teams and also have bowl season.  


Chowman said...

If the Raiders or the Bears make him the right offer, Jim would be crazy not to go back to the NFL. Until the university gets serious and stops penalizing undergrad transfers by not accepting any of their credits, the transfer portal will NEVER be an option for the Wolverines. Also, the school needs to grow up when it comes to NIL. The Mickey Mouse NIL process they have now allows Michigan athletes to make 1000s off NIL, where schools like OSU, Bama, Texas A&M are putting their athletes in a position to make 100000s. It's the new landscape of college football, you better adopt it or you will become irrelevant. But maybe that's the bar this program and some of its fans have set themselves to. Winning 9 or 10 games, beating OSU every 10-15 years, going to the B1G Championship, and if we win that, get taken to the woodchipper in the CFP. Seeing what Texas A&M did this recruiting cycle, unless you really embrace the NIL, you might as well forget getting any 5*s going forward.

ScottyDoggs said...

Pro's have a level playing field, college has different academic standards..."NIL payments will get crazy"...I would jump to pros...except Harbaugh seems happy in "U of M" atmosphere. (borrowed thoughts from above post)

ScottyDoggs said...

If any of you don't think "NIL"is going to get out of hand.... check EMU's offer to Oklahoma quarterback to play one year for 1 million. Soon only fools will follow college football, (I guess I am still a fool) (temporarily)

Chowman said...

Colleges do have different academic standards, and most have different standards for their student athletes and the rest of the student body, including Michigan. If you think most of the football or basketball players would get admitted to the University if they weren't athletes, you're kidding yourself. Only a select few programs hold their student athletes to the same level of the rest of the student body. The Northwesterns and the Stanfords of the world. If you going to let football players in with lesser academic standards, then allow them to transfer in with undergraduate credits from other schools. Most of these high level kids are coming to UofM for a degree, most go to college to show case their skills in the hopes to getting to the next level.

Unknown said...

Harbaughs record against msu is 3-4, this guy sucks, good riddance