Thursday, January 20, 2022

Michigan Thursday: Speculation

The latest news is that Bruce Feldman has sources inside Schembechler Hall that believe Jimmy will take the Raiders job if offered.   Another report is that the Chicago Bears called him as well.   Not an interview just a conversation.   My guess Jimmy was hoping the call was about the Bears retiring his number.  😀 Others including recruits, are being told, nothing to worry about regarding Jimmy leaving.   Who the hell knows?  The answer is Nobody (outside of Jimmy)!

Here is what I think I know about Jimmy:
  • He still has an NFL itch
  • He doesn't like to break contracts 
  • His job isn't over in Ann Arbor 
  • He has spent 7 years in A2 already and other stops averaged 4 years 
  • There is a competitive thing with his brother on winning the Super Bowl 
  • Deep down, he knows his style of coaching is better in college then the NFL
We know Jimmy hasn't stopped working and hit the road recruiting and hiring new coaches and staff.  He is coin operated, and this is the only thing he knows.   Working on Football 24/7. 

I think the Raiders job is a bit of slippery slope, they have an aging QB who wins through pass interference penalties, a good RB that is often injured, and a questionable OL.  There have been some good draft picks like Maxx Crosby, but others have flamed out with incidents off the field.  Having an average NFL team is very dangerous, because they either need to go all in, or rebuild.   Every team wanted Gruden and he is gone with his own off field issues.   There are also questions to how financially stable the organization is? Other owners have billion dollars business, Mark Davis business is only the Raiders.  

To me, that is not an organization that is close to the Super Bowl.  

  • Tate Martell is now retired from football
  • JT Daniels is now in the portal


ScottyDoggs said...

My selfish side says I hope Jim Stays at realistic side says to Jim "Go.... don't walk run! Anybody think that college football will be the same is at least sniffing the Kool-aide.... has anyone discussed Texas A & M Alumni coughed up 20 million dollars to buy the number one recruiting class? Michigan backers have bucks, should they spend 50 million in three years to win a championship... is it the same?
College football is now without a "soul"...if Michigan does not back Harbaugh with "millions", integrity is not going to get it... When I was young, I wanted to powerlift, but found out in order to win you had to take steroids (lot of them), I was naturally strong, but did take steroids for two weeks. and quit drugs and powerlifting, because is winning who takes the most steroids? Someone posted either "adjust" or fall behind, so some of you keep cheering for the best money could buy team (in the future) (Rah, Rah, hiss boom Ba!) I'm not... Jim go to a level playing field, get out of town, because college football will never be the same! I'm afraid that college is now a money tree sport, it's going to drop down into the high schools... promising athletes' will be driving new cars, and their parent's houses mortgages will be paid off. The pride days of Woody vs. Bo will just live in memory like the "Wild West".

Rudy said...

Good comments Doggs. Jimmy is out on the trail looking for recruits and hiring coaches like he's staying. Also realize the power of $$. Feldman of the Atlantic keeps dripping out these "insider" tips. Feldman either has his pulse on the beat of the UM program or simply another sorry-ass hack that believes "if it bleeds it leads". I believe he's the latter. The team got to the mountain top this year but not quite to the promise land. Hope we can get this drivel behind us and get the team focused on another championship season. Go Blue!

szanreno said...

Remember when Texas A&M made a run at Bo way back when? The offer was at the time crazy money, like 10 million over 10 years. When he asked where the money was coming from they said "don't worry about that". He knew right then and there he would be owned by the boosters and turned A&M down.
When boosters pay for players, two things happen. If the kids is a star they brag to everyone that he is his man. If the kid is a bust he bitches to the coaches you're not playing him enough.
Only a matter of time before the boosters are running the show. When that happens it's, "see ya". Time to remember, as I said the other day, the glory days...