Thursday, January 6, 2022

Michigan Thursday: Tracking The Movement

ESPN believes Wednesday is the worst day of the sports week.  It lacks news and games to discuss.  That is why Kiper always announces his latest Big Board on a Wednesday.  

Yesterday, was not a quiet day for news for Michigan Football.  Let's discuss! 

Heading to the NFL:

Aiden Hutchinson - This is the no brainer of all no brainers.  Could be the #1 pick of the entire draft.  

Daylin Baldwin - Not surprised, but probably didn't see a role for himself next season when Ronnie comes back, and Anthony's development.   I hope he puts up some good numbers in Michigan's pro day and becomes a late rounder. 

Chris Hinton - Was somewhat of a surprise as he is coming off a very good year where the light went on for him.  Most expected him back, so that he could secure a very high draft spot.  His father played in the league and probably has good intel on where he will land.  

Jumping into the portal:

Dan Villari - Was never going to see real time at QB in Ann Arbor and is now looking for a place where he can play. Hopefully, there is a MAC school that will give him a shot after a few years under Harbaugh coaching. My concern for Dan, is that his options may be limited.

Andre Seldon - Just really never saw the field as the guys above him performed well.   He has talent and I think his height was a factor.  I like him to a MAC school where he could be a star in the defensive backfield.  

George Johnson - Really couldn't find his position identity at Michigan.  He kept flipping between CB and WR and just didn't find his role.   He is from Florida and would love to see him at USF or FAU and try to become a WR. 

There are 2000 players in the portal and growing every day. 

Coaches and Staff Moving:

Shaun Nua heading to USC - This is a good move for Shaun as he is from the west coast.   Last year was Shaun's best year and now moving out west.  I think his time at Michigan was a bit of a roller coaster.  He struggled in recruiting but was a pretty good D-Line coach.  

Jarret McElwain, Director of Scouting to Washington - UW really didn't like losing to Michigan this season and now is shopping for new staff in Ann Arbor.   Good luck to Jarret. 

Jim Harbaugh - Everyone loves to discuss where Harbaugh would be good a fit in the NFL.  Great news to discuss on Wednesday for all these networks.  Seems Harbaugh is interested in developing a very good NIL program at Michigan, while using NFL interest to get it done in Ann Arbor.    Let's remember that Harbaugh does not have an agent, so a lot the info out there could be conjecture. 

Former Michigan DC news:

DJ Durkin to Texas A&M - DJ did a nice job at Ole Miss and will now have a big time DC job that is full with new talent.  

Greg Robinson - RIP 


Goblu said...

Bummer about Hinton. All the others are ok and not terribly surprising.

Developing a NIL 'program' of some sort is a good idea - if can't beat 'em, join 'em. I still don't like the concept, but that genie is never going back into the bottle (and yes, I said 'never' :)

BlueManGroup said...

Michigan is the biggest national brand with high net-worth alumni from coast-to-coast. Harbaugh is an innovator. Not so much on the field, but his off-the-field creativity is unrivaled. Bama, UGA, and Clemson won't be able to compete in recruiting once Michigan, Texas, and USC figure out how to leverage NIL to the max. I look forward to seeing what Harbaugh comes up with and then seeing the SEC try to derail it.

Justwin said...

Agree with both ^^

ScottyDoggs said...

I am positive that Chris Webber is contemplating building a marijuana complex close to Detroit Metro area... could you imagine part of the profits towards "NIL" program.... they actually could make they own movies "Reefer Madness", and "Up in Smoke" (LOL), the players could become stars in another way {{{LOL}}}