Friday, April 29, 2022

Michigan Friday: Jacksonville's Clown Show is the Lions Gain

If you've ever been to Jacksonville, Florida, you wonder to yourself pretty quickly, how did this place get an NFL Franchise?  Yes, they have a stadium, it's in Florida, and a guy with a ton of money seemed to be the NFL qualifications points.   Since then, owner Shahid Khan has tried to move the franchise to London or anywhere that could support the team better.   The fact is, it never should have been there in the first place.   Orlando would have been a better choice if you want to stay in Florida or even a place like San Antinio.  

After a decent start to this franchise, now they are just grasping at straws to find anything that will work.  They trade away all their developed draft picks, they've made one of the worst coaching hiring decisions ever in trying to make Urban Meyer work, and very few people respect their GM Trent Baalke.    Legacy Jags QB and current Tampa Bay OC Byron Leftwhich turned down the head coaching job this off season because he didn't want to work for Baalke.  The Jags had to go back to the guy they first interviewed, that no other franchise (even the Jags) wanted Doug Pederson.  That's a problem when you are trying to rebuild your franchise and hire a worthy diverse candidate.  Still Baalke is in role and the Jags keep digging their hole.  

Fast forward to last night, where the Jags again have the #1 pick in the draft.   They have a chance to pick NFL ready Aiden Hutchinson but pass on him for the Georgia kid that had nowhere near the production on the field Hutch had.  Immediately, ESPN started to clown the Jags and Kiper has them in his day 1 losers' category (after picking #1!).  What a clown show!   Yes, the Khan's are good at business and his son has done wonders in professional wrestling but they've made some terrible football decisions lately.  

Now, the Lions are not a shining example of football excellence either.  But they were smart enough to take the local kid, when Hutch fell to them.    Thier next pick, was a bit of head scratcher to me.  Yes, the Williams kid at Bama is a potential superstar, but with the ACL and giving up two high draft picks for him seems like a high price for a guy coming off a serious injury.  

I'm also happy for Dax going to the Bengals who were in the Super Bowl last season.  That is going to be an exciting young team.   2 Wolverines taken in Round 1 is a big deal!  Would have been 3 if DO hadn't injured himself.  

My other Draft observations:

  • The NFL really doesn't want to pay veteran WR's do they?  I can't believe all the WR talent that has moved teams this off season.  I was not expecting AJ and Hollwood Brown to be changing teams last night. 
  • Loved how quickly the picks were coming in last night.  Keep the show moving! 
  • With the FSU DE and Dax Hill on the board, the Cowboys draft an offensive lineman from Tulsa that holds a lot.   Terrible pick Stephen and Jerry.  Time to get real football people in the building!
  • Not surprised at the amount of QB's not taken in the 1st round.  Finally, the NFL GM's didn't over reach for a QB.  I also believe there should be a written NFL Draft rule, if Pitt has a draftable QB, the Steelers get first right of refusal no matter the pick.  
  • Hat tip to the NBA for not taking a night off from the Playoffs.  Most other leagues would have. 
  • Which NFL team is going to have the "onions" to draft David Ojabo in Round 2?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 


Brady2017 said...

Hutch is a Lion! Now I have a reason to watch on Sunday. Go Hutch! Go Blue!!

Mike T said...

Didn't give up 2 high draft picks.... Moved back about 12 spots in the 2nd round and gave up a 3rd Rd 97 overall.... GREAT TRADE... Williams has some risk because of the injury but he's a top 5 talent...

Downriver Wolverine said...

If the Lions could get Ojobo in the second they would end up with 3 top 15 talent in this draft

Blue In Ohio said...

WTF....Frankie Collins??????