Thursday, April 28, 2022

Michigan Thursday: NFL Draft Day - Draftable Wolverines

Tonight, is one of my favorite TV nights of the year.   I like the NFL Draft and all the intrigue.  I love that Jermey Tunsil's gas mask photo gets released before the draft or an idiot GM takes a 3rd round QB with the 10th pick.  Maybe it's a secret medical issue or Aaron Rodgers continues to be in the green room as the 1st round continues late in the night.   Everything tonight is a gamble and it's appropriate the draft is in Las Vegas.  

Let's Take a Look at the draftable Wolverines:

Aidan Hutchinson DE, could be the first player taken in the draft.  He is a plug and play player that can start day 1 in your defense.  With that said, he is closer to his ceiling then his floor and JAX in all their "lets hire Urban Meyer" wisdom (or run Jimmy out of SF) could take the Georgia edge rusher.   Don't forget this is the franchise that head coaching candidates were turning down offers from, because they didn't' want to work with Trent Baalke.   Hutch will not get by Detroit at #2.  

Dax Hill S, is a quiet great player.  He has elite speed and can cover any and all WR's.  He is not a physical player but can cover with the best of them.  This draft is deep in DB's and Dax will be a steal late in Round 1.  

David Ojabo DE, would have been one of those late risers in the first round, if he didn't blow out his Achilles at Michigan's Pro Day.   This injury has come a long way and DO could be back as early as the 1st month of the season.   I still think the injury drops him into Round 2 for a smart organization. 

Andrew Stueber OL, The NFL needs 6'7 325 pounds guys and Anderew fits that mold.   I think he will probably be taken in round 4 and will have a long NFL career. 

Hassan Haskins, RB, The NFL doesn't value RB's like they used to and this will hurt H2's draft rankings.  The positive is he ran over the Buckeyes with everyone watching and probably will be a day 3 pick.  I see him as bruising NFL RB that gets about 10 carries a game.   

Chris Hinton DL, this declaration surprised me as I thought Chris was just becoming the player he could be.   I expected another year in Ann Arbor but hopefully he finds a spot in the league that will give him time to develop.  I expect maybe 5th round this year. 

Vincent Gray, DB is a big corner but not known for his coverage skills.  I expect 6th round for Vince. 

Josh Ross, LB is known as a smart LB but injuries have hampered his draft rating.  Late day 3 or UFA. 

Free Agents:

Brad Hawkins S

Daylen Baldwin, WR 

Good luck to everyone on this list and enjoy the show! 


Ron said...

I would be surprised if Josh Ross is selected I think he's going to be a free agent he doesn't have the speed

Brady2017 said...

The Lions never pick any Michigan players, which probably explains why they have sucked for so long. Garland Rivers and Jeff Backus. That's it. They signed Desmond, but at the end of his career. So much talent coming out of AA, and the ironic part is it's right under the Lions' nose, literally minutes away. One thing is certain- they will find a way to mess things up! Same old Lions. Smh

Chowman said...

I don't see Hinton getting drafted at all. He'll be a UFA. He was solid for 1 year at Michigan, but not spectacular. That coupled with his fairly unathletic combine is going to limit any interest in him, i.e. DT with his resume and skill set are a dime a dozen.

Cormac said...

I hope that all the Michigan players have a great night. That said, the NFL can pound sand.

szanreno said...

Pound sand. That's funny. But I agree...