Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Houstan to Also Kick NBA Tires

Information and options are important in anything you do, whether it's taking a new job or buying a new HD TV (to the kids out there, that is the black box hanging on your wall).   So, I never see the harm in getting a full NBA evaluation before making a decision.   Moussa athletically will make some folks in the NBA swoon that he could be the next Greek Freak or Siakam but Caleb still has a lot to improve on.  Is it worth the process and getting very detailed feedback?  It sure is, but I expect Caleb Houstan to be back in Ann Arbor next year.   I'm sure you noticed that Hunter didn't go through the process again.

Let's not forget the NBA Draft is not like the NFL Draft, a 1st and 2nd rounder usually get plenty of chances to be really good in the NFL.  In the NBA, 2nd round guys are drafted to be cut, fill out a summer league roster, or at best sign a 2-way deal with the G-league.  

Here is a quick list of Michigan guys, that went too early to the draft:

  • Jordan Poole - left too early but used his time wisely and had a franchise that stuck with him.  He is now a budding star.  Verdict - could have used one more year.   You don't leave early to be a late 2nd rounder. (Steve Nash is also on record that Poole could have used 1 more year in college).  Hat tip to Golden State, staying with Poole. 
  • Iggy Brazdeikis - Left after his freshman year and it was a terrible decision.  Been trying to hang on in the NBA ever since.  Verdict - should have stayed multiple years. 
  • DJ Wilson - left after his sophomore year, got picked 17 in the 1st round and averaged 18 minutes a game for Milwaukee in 2018/19.  Played 4 games this season.  Verdict - if he stayed one more year Michigan might have a national championship.  Probably could have used 1 more, but going 17 makes it a push.  
  • Nik Stauskas - left after his sophomore year and was picked 8th in the draft.  Since then, he has struggled to stay in the NBA.  Verdict - another too high draft spot but in hindsight should have stayed.  8th money is hard to pass up.  
  • Mitch McGary - also left after his sophomore year but had other issues.  Really didn't have an NBA career and is now doing what he loves.   Verdict - should have stayed but probably didn't have a choice.  
All of the guys that left too early, probably shouldn't have.  Poole will be the only one to come out of that process successfully and that is because Golden State really was invested in him.   Which is very rare in the NBA.  Poole still has been bouncing back and forth from the G-League to the NBA for a few years.  

  • Michigan Basketball with play UNC in the first ever Jumpman Invitational next season.   As you know, UNC played in the National Championship game this past season. 

  • Guess who might be coming for Big Ten Football game package?  Apple and Amazon 

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